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Asian handicap bets are a new way to bet. In particular, there is a tendency to avoid the imbalance of skills between two teams by assigning one of the two a certain advantage, which may consist of a goal advantage if it comes to football matches, games...

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The Asian Handicap is the name of a variant of normal handicap bets but destined to bet on football matches. It is very popular in Asia (hence its name) and works in a very similar way as it does in betting with handicap, in which two teams have a...

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Handicaps Sets The bookmakers also offer a set-based handicap modality, which works much like the game-based mode, but using the number of sets won by each player instead of the number of games. In the game between Nadal and Murray, a website offers...

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There are two different ways to bet with handicap in a tennis match: handicap for games (game handicap) and handicap for sets (set handicap). In this part we will talk about the first, game handicap. One of the two players, usually considered the...

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The Asian handicap bet is a special form of handicap bet and comes, as the name suggests, from Asia. It was originally known by the term "Hang Cheng Betting". The Asian Handicap bet reduces a classic three-way bet at football matches to a two-way bet....

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Explanation of the Asian Handicap (AH) To make a bet with Asian handicap is to bet on a team starting from a certain advantage. With this market you are betting on the victory of one team or player over another with a difference of goals or...

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Asian handicaps in the hands of professionals are like a real weapon in the "battle" against bookmakers. However, at first, the different markets with their varied numbers may seem at first a great mess. To make things easier for you to understand and...

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It is important to understand how the different handicaps (Asian / European) work, since in the vast majority of markets they offer us different bets with handicap. How does the handicap work in bets? Many times we find that the bets on the winning...

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