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Sum Asian goal by team

February 6, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

In Asian bets on the amount scored per team you have to predict if the number of goals scored will be higher or lower than the number established, the mechanism is the same as Asian under / over handicaps, except that in this case you have to predict how...

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In Asian Under / Over betting you have to predict if the number of goals scored will be higher or lower than the number established, the mechanism is the same as the classic under / over, but the Asian Under / Over involve some little more reasoning, as...

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HOW ASIAN HANDICAP WORKS The Asian handicap offers a great advantage to the bettor and has a lower risk than the traditional 1X2 or under / over wager, lowering the risk and eliminating certain constraints such as a tie will help me to give an even...

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The Asian handicap is a perfect form for bettors looking for an alternative to the ordinary 1X2 form. The term was coined by journalist Joe Saumarez Smith in November 1998. He was asked by an Indonesian bookmaker, Joe Phan, to provide a translation of...

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The Asian Handicap is an advantageous opportunity for bettors and is potentially less risky than the traditional Win-Draw-Win scheme. You must bet on the coverage or non-coverage of a handicap by a team. An Asian handicap is determined by two components,...

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The European Handicap has three betting options, which means that even bets on equality results can be placed. There are handicaps only on whole numbers (-1.0, -2.0, +1.0, +2.0 etc.) and a bet on a European handicap will never have partial or full stake...

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There are several methods to give more heterogeneity to your bets and your sports betting on football. You can bet on goals, under/over, on the result, on the total amount of goals scored or conceded and then on the corners. How to bet on the corner...

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Asian Handicap is a bet with two betting options where one of the results gets a fictitious advantage and the other one receives a fictitious handicap. The equality result is taken from the equation. There are several types of Asian...

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