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The Asian Handicap is an advantageous opportunity for bettors and is potentially less risky than the traditional Win-Draw-Win scheme. You must bet on the coverage or non-coverage of a handicap by a team. An Asian handicap is determined by two components,...

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The European Handicap has three betting options, which means that even bets on equality results can be placed. There are handicaps only on whole numbers (-1.0, -2.0, +1.0, +2.0 etc.) and a bet on a European handicap will never have partial or full stake...

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There are several methods to give more heterogeneity to your bets and your sports betting on football. You can bet on goals, under/over, on the result, on the total amount of goals scored or conceded and then on the corners. How to bet on the corner...

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Asian Handicap is a bet with two betting options where one of the results gets a fictitious advantage and the other one receives a fictitious handicap. The equality result is taken from the equation. There are several types of Asian...

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The handicap bet is a tool available to players to allow them to increase their potential winnings. In a market like football, in which teams often show evident technical and economic supremacy, the odds that will always be relatively low, making it less...

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The handicap bet is a type of bet that allows players to increase their potential winnings. The handicap mechanism provides for the assignment of a number of fictitious goals to the team with initial technical supremacy. In this way, the two teams in the...

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Possibility to give a fictitious advantage to a team Asian handicaps can be very useful in an unbalanced match where there is a definite favorite. We can give the outsider a fictitious advantage of 1, 2 or even more goals, and so we get decent...

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Some online bookmakers offer bets on Asian handicaps even live while the game is in progress. As a rule, such bets do not take into account the score shown on the table when placing the bet. The bet is only offered for the remainder of the match,...

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