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Explanation of the Asian Handicap (AH) To make a bet with Asian handicap is to bet on a team starting from a certain advantage. With this market you are betting on the victory of one team or player over another with a difference of goals or...

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Asian handicaps in the hands of professionals are like a real weapon in the "battle" against bookmakers. However, at first, the different markets with their varied numbers may seem at first a great mess. To make things easier for you to understand and...

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It is important to understand how the different handicaps (Asian / European) work, since in the vast majority of markets they offer us different bets with handicap. How does the handicap work in bets? Many times we find that the bets on the winning...

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In the early days as a bettor, we are overwhelmed by a multitude of options available, including betting with Asian handicap, which is another form of betting that gives a slight advantage to the less powerful team to equal the possible result and offer...

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In betting with Asian Under-Over you have to predict if the sum of goals scored by both football teams will be higher or lower than the established number. It is therefore a very easy to understand betting system, but making a prediction on a bet with...

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Asian handicap is an increasingly popular type of bet. Betting on the asian handicap eliminates the possibility of a third result in betting on football. More precisely, it eliminates the possibility of a draw (both in 1X2 and under / over) and...

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The Asian Handicap is a type of sports bet that has become very popular in Asia (hence its name) which can be explained as a system aimed at eliminating the imbalance between two teams. The operation of Asian Handicaps in football matches is as...

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Every gambler sooner or later in the world of ONLINE sports betting will have surely heard of Asian Handicap, and specialized bookmakers to bet with this type of market. In this article we will try to analyze this type of bet, drawing pros and...

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