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Asian handicap

June 4, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

Asian handicap - the explanation Basically, a distinction must be made between Asian and European handicaps. In both types of bets, a team is equipped with a fictitious lead, usually the outsider. In the European versions, there are several options per...

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To begin the explanation of handicap bets, we need to review the official definition of the term 'handicap': "In horse racing and also in other sports, it concerns the reversal of the result of the event starting from a disadvantage." In the specific case...

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1X2 bets with handicap are similar to normal 1X2 bets with the difference that the favored team is assigned a handicap, for example of 1 goal. With 1X2 bets with handicap, we try to eliminate the disadvantage of one of the two teams by assigning a...

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Asian handicap bets are a new way to bet. In particular, there is a tendency to avoid the imbalance of skills between two teams by assigning one of the two a certain advantage, which may consist of a goal advantage if it comes to football matches, games...

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The Asian Handicap is the name of a variant of normal handicap bets but destined to bet on football matches. It is very popular in Asia (hence its name) and works in a very similar way as it does in betting with handicap, in which two teams have a...

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Handicaps Sets The bookmakers also offer a set-based handicap modality, which works much like the game-based mode, but using the number of sets won by each player instead of the number of games. In the game between Nadal and Murray, a website offers...

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There are two different ways to bet with handicap in a tennis match: handicap for games (game handicap) and handicap for sets (set handicap). In this part we will talk about the first, game handicap. One of the two players, usually considered the...

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The Asian handicap bet is a special form of handicap bet and comes, as the name suggests, from Asia. It was originally known by the term "Hang Cheng Betting". The Asian Handicap bet reduces a classic three-way bet at football matches to a two-way bet....

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