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In a handicap bet (also called spread), one of the two teams or one of the two players starts with a handicap (so the other has an advantage), this handicap being expressed in terms of goals or points depending on the sport. The team or the favorite...

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Asian Handicap Betting

April 27, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

Betting on football with an Asian handicap means you will bet on markets where the possibility of a draw is ruled out, leaving victory and defeat as the only options. The sportsbook gives each team a handicap before the game starts, which increases...

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Handicap is a very popular term in the world of sports betting. Its use specifically in basketball is to attribute to the team you are going to bet on, some extra points that can be positive or negative. By having those extra points, that is, with that...

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This combination is very similar to 0.25. The underdog team starts the game, also in this case, with a quarter of an advantage. However, the epilogue of this Asian handicap betting scheme is slightly different. Let's see an example of a bet, Barcelona...

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In this case, the pattern is 0 - 0.25. This means that the team disadvantaged by the predictions will start with a quarter-goal advantage before the kick-off. The risk is to lose half of the amount earned in the event of a tie. Let's use an explanatory...

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With this combination, the preliminary score awarded is 0 to 0, which means that no advantages or disadvantages are granted to either team. The two teams present their share. To win, in this case, you bet on one of the two teams and you win only if the...

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Asian handicap

January 10, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is a betting method invented about twenty years ago by a sports journalist who was making some articles on the most diverse betting schemes. But how do you play? First of all, in this type of bet, the result is not presented. Forget...

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When a betting market has a handicap, what is sought is to give the weakest opponent - in theory - an advantage, and with handicapped corners the same happens. Let's take as example a match between Sevilla and Betis. The most powerful team, in...

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