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Within sports betting, the common handicap is a disadvantage applied to the player or favorite team of the match so that we can match as much as possible the odds for the bet in particular. Well, we can also find the modality of Asian handicap, common...

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The dream of any bettor is to find a magic formula to make consistent amount of money. We think that magic formula does not exist, but we think there are different tactics, strategies and betting ways that greatly increase your chances of being...

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Here is a brief explanation of what the Handicap market is and its advantages: The Asian Handicap is a type of betting used to bet on football in the far east. This type of bet offers more advantages when betting and is potentially less risky than the...

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Asian handicap on goals scored under and over – Full list Under 0.5 Goals -If no score is scored at least one goal you have won. If at least one is scored you have lost. Over 0.5 goals-If you do not score at least one goal you lost, ie 0-0. If...

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We can use betting options on Asian Handicap and if we want to bet on goals, not just the final outcome of the game. And this option seems to be one of the most profitable, with many possibilities, especially when we do not want to risk too much. For...

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It is no secret that Asian bets increase the odds of a bettor, so if the event is well analyzed and the Asian betting concept is understood 100%. In online bookmakers you will find Asian bets on goals in two forms: Over 2.25 Asian Goals Over 2.00,...

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Over the past few years, betting on online betting sites has greatly diversified, so more and more gamblers are targeting other types of bets other than classic bets such as "Final Score" or "Total Goals." This article shows you the two types of handicaps...

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"Asian Handicap" is a way to bet on an event that involves giving (virtual, by the bookmaker) an advance of goals for the team that is less rated. Example: Handicap (0) - Real Madrid - Bayern Munich, Real Madrid Prediction (0), we have the...

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