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Handicap is a very popular term in the world of sports betting. Its use specifically in basketball is to attribute to the team you are going to bet on, some extra points that can be positive or negative. By having those extra points, that is, with that...

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Electronic sports have existed for many years, but they are currently living their best moment in terms of notoriety, investment and followers, thanks also to the expansion of the internet, new technologies, and platforms. What were originally minority or...

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Where to place my bets?

May 7, 2019 | In: Articles

We already know how to bet, it only remains to know where to bet. So, how to bet and where? With the growth of sports betting you now have many places where you can place a bet, you mainly have two options: Physical premises, these are places already...

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We reached a key point when learning to bet: The Handicap. It is important to learn the correct use of the different markets offered by bookmakers. Only then can you better adjust the bet you make to the result that you think the event in which you...

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There are several methods to give more heterogeneity to your bets and your sports betting on football. You can bet on goals, under/over, on the result, on the total amount of goals scored or conceded and then on the corners. How to bet on the corner...

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European handicap

October 1, 2018 | In: Articles

European handicap introduces an advantage for or against a contender for an event, but, unlike the Asian handicap, does not eliminate the possibility of a draw, but considers it as another possible outcome to be taken into account in terms of the...

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Due to its large market, NBA bets usually have a multitude of different varieties. They range from match winner, total points (total or partial), handicap ... to individual bets and others that are decided practically randomly as who will put the last...

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Handicap bets

July 10, 2018 | In: Articles

Possibly, many of you (especially those who are starting betting) just know the application of this Anglo-Saxon word in real life, which we could describe as an added difficulty when doing something. In the world of betting, a handicap can be this and...

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