What is the Asian handicap? The best tips for playing

July 13, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

How the Asian handicap works

The Asian handicap, like any handicap bet, is a type of play that tries to balance the technical skills of the two teams, clearly unbalanced. In all handicap bets, betting is on the matches that will be played between a disadvantaged team, which is given an initial advantage, and a favorite team that is entrusted with a very low share in any other type of bet, preventing you from generating profits high.

If we were to simply answer the question “what is Asian handicap?”, We can say that it consists in attributing a disadvantage to a team with higher technical performances, in order to obtain a higher and more attractive quota for the bettor. The bet is to predict what the result of a match will be, taking into account, however, the handicap set by the bookmakers, that is, the advantage equal to one or more goals for the disadvantaged team for the victory. In handicap bets the favorite team suffers a number of goals equal to the advantage to be given to the disadvantaged team and the bettor will be asked to select the team that will prevail on the handicap when placing his bet.

If you decide to attribute a handicap -1, you will have to remove a goal from the team considered favored. With a handicap of -2, two goals are subtracted from the favorite team and so on.

Take for example the Juventus-Carpi match:

even the most inexperienced bettors will notice the technical gap between the two teams – dictated by the difference in structures in which the two teams train, performance and physical shape – let alone how clear both to bookmakers and to sign 1 (i.e. to the generic victory of Juventus) indicatively they could attribute a share of 1.15, not particularly interesting in terms of potential winnings.

Playing the coupons by betting on the results characterized by low odds may seem theoretically “safe”, but this adjective does not mix well with the world of sports betting, since unpredictable variables can always come into play.

Let’s take a practical example to better understand:

Providing a -1 handicap, Juventus will practically be deprived of a goal and therefore:

playing 1 with a handicap, at an indicative odd of 1.60, to hit the odds Juventus will have to win with at least 2 goals difference, for example 2-0, 3-1, 4-0 etc.

playing X with a handicap, at an indicative odds of 3.50, to hit the tip Juventus will have to win exactly with 1 goal difference, for example 2-1, 3-2 etc.

playing 2 with handicap, at an indicative odds of 5.00, to hit the odds, Carpi must win or draw, practically this type of play equals a double chance X2.

On the other hand, providing for a handicap of -2, Juventus will be practically removed two goals and therefore:

playing 1 with a handicap, at an indicative odd of 2.60, to hit the odds Juventus will have to win with at least 3 goal difference, for example 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, etc.

playing X with handicap, at an indicative odd of 4.00, to hit the odds Juventus will have to win exactly with 2 goals difference, for example 3-1, 4-2 etc.

playing 2 with handicap, at an indicative odd of 2.20, to hit the odds, Carpi must win, draw or even lose but with only one goal difference.

Let’s take instead the example of the Inter-Crotone match:

To win a bet by playing 1 with an Inter handicap (-1), the favorite team – in our case Inter – will have to beat Crotone by scoring at least 2 goals.

So if the match ends 1-0, you will have won the bet, if it ends 0-0, your bet will be lost.

If you bet X with an Inter handicap (-1), you will win your bet only if the match ends with 1 goal difference.

While betting 2 with Inter handicap (-1), only a draw and a victory could allow you to win the slip.

The same goes for prediction 2 with handicap Crotone (+1).

The Asian handicap associated with under / over instead works in a different way.

Here are two examples:

Over 1 – You would win the match sheet in case of 2 or more goals scored during the game by both teams.

Under 1 – To win the match slip, the match must end 0-0 and if the total number of goals is greater than 2, you will lose your bet.

The advantage of using bets with an Asian handicap is the possibility of eliminating the draw between the possible results, an option poorly seen by bettors who prefer well-defined results. In addition, bookmakers offer the possibility of being refunded if, at the time of the bet, you are not sure of betting with a handicap. The compromise with bookmakers is simple: if you accept the refund and you win, you win less but if you lose, you would be refunded and minimize the risk of losing your budget.

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