What is the Asian Handicap in Sports Betting

July 14, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

If you are a bettor, you will have heard of the Asian handicap. This type of bet follows the general principles of the classic handicap, determining within the match a favorite team and a underdog, marked respectively by the sign – and the + sign. Continue reading our article on the Asian handicap for a detailed explanation of this bet.

The three basic elements of Asian handicap

Bets applicable only on victory and defeat

Full or partial refunds in the event of a tie

Outcome characterized by a large number of variables

Let’s take a closer look at betting with Asian handicap

Regarding Asian handicap betting, the explanation below will provide you with a detailed view to better understand its substantial characteristics.

This form of betting which has become very famous in Asia determines, through the word ‘handicap’, the assimilation by a team of a virtual starting score. An aspect that allows her to conduct the game even before the start of the game. It is therefore clear how this type of bet aims to eliminate the draw and reduce the outcome to just two results: the victory or the defeat. Within betting with Asian handicap, the two teams are attributed two signs: the favored team is characterized by the “-” sign, the one underprivileged by the “+” sign which indicates the equivalent advantage to the handicap. In practice, if you decide to bet on the favorite team (-), it will have to overcome the initial handicap in order to get a winning bet. The disadvantaged team (+) will start with an advantage that will be added to the final result. In short, if the team you decide to bet on is characterized by a -1 sign, it will have to score at least 2 goals for you to win the bet. Bets with an Asian 0.0 handicap indicate a tie; the game must therefore have a winner in order not to be canceled. In this case you win if the team you bet on wins the match.

The Asian handicap can be used in any sporting discipline such as football, basketball, handball, and tennis and currently represents one of the most used game options.

Tips and tricks on this type of betting

At first glance, Asian handicap bets are complex and difficult to understand; the mechanisms of this type of betting are not at all trivial and the variables involved are really many. For this reason, the choice of Asian handicap is not recommended for inexperienced players and those who have just approached the world of online betting.

However, this choice offers significant advantages. One of these consists in eliminating the tie among the possible results: with the possibility of being able to bet only on wins and losses, the risk percentage decreases.

Another considerable advantage is the reimbursement provided for this type of betting: if you are not completely sure of the outcome of a certain game, you can bet by choosing to win less and limit the probability of losing. You will also be eligible for a full refund based on the type of bet, such as a tie in an Asian 0.0 handicap bet.

Although regarding the Asian handicap, the explanation demonstrates a low percentage of risk compared to other types of bets, it is still essential to have good competence and adequate experience in the world of online betting before testing this method and benefiting from it.


Asian handicap betting is generally aimed at experienced online betting bettors. The Asian handicap allows you to bet only on the victory of the home team or away team, therefore on the disadvantaged or favorite team; the draw offers a full or partial refund of the bet. The outcome of the bet therefore depends on the coverage or non-coverage of a handicap by a team. Many bookmakers have included this type of bet in the offer and, although in Italy this method is mainly applied to football, the Asian handicap is also present in other sports, such as rugby or basketball.

Key points of the Asian handicap

Advantages offered by the Asian handicap

Betting mode suitable for experienced players

Ability to receive a full or partial refund of the stake made

Many betting variables based on the chosen bookmaker

Possibility of partial winnings or losses based on the type of bet

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