Asian totals in sports betting: what is it, calculation rules with examples

July 6, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

What is Asian total and how does it work

Everyone knows how the classical system of totals works. Everyone knows the total over 2.5, the total less than 2.5, as well as their younger and older brothers. There is little choice: either lose or win.

Asian totals are a completely different matter. According to the principle of calculation, they are very similar to the Asian odds, which we described in detail in this material. But you went into this material to read about totals, so let’s figure it out.

There are two main types of Asian totals: multiples of an integer and multiples of 0.25 (fractional).

The principle of calculating whole totals is pretty easy to understand. If you put more than 3 goals on the Asian total, and there were 3 goals in the match, then you will receive a refund. Otherwise, everything is like in classical totals: 2 goals – the bet lost, 4 goals or more – won. Similarly, with the Asian total less: we put on the total less than 3, 3 goals in the match – return, 2 – won, 4 or more – lost.

A slightly more complicated scheme for understanding with Asian totals is a multiple of 0.25. Such totals look like this: the total is greater than 0.75, the total is less than 2.25, and so on. They are formed by obtaining the arithmetic mean between the two nearest totals. If this total is less than 2.25, then this means that this is an average value between 2.0 and 2.5. Sometimes bookmakers designate this type of bet: “total is less than 2.0, 2.5”.

Take for example a total of less than 2.25. If you make such a bet, then it automatically decomposes into 2 bets: the total is less than 2.5 and the total is less than 2.0. In order for our bet to win fully, we need both of these conditions to be satisfied. In this case, we need no more than one goal to be scored in the match. Then our entire bet will play and we will receive a win according to the coefficient. If there are 3 goals or more in the match, then the bet will be completely lost.

But if there are 2 goals in the match, then that half of the bet made on the total less than 2.5 will play with a common coefficient, and the one made on the total less than 2.0 will be returned. For example, we bet 10 euros on a total of less than 2.25 for 1.91. If 2 goals were scored in the match, then 5 euros are multiplied by a coefficient of 1.91, and back in this half of the bet, we get 9.55 euros. The half that was placed on the total less than 2 will return to us in the form of a return. And in the end, our winnings will be 14.55 euros (5 + 9.55 euros).

Not so much, considering the amount of the bet, you say, but keep in mind that this is a reinsurance fee and many experienced players like this opportunity.

Let’s look at another example. Take the total over 2.25. Again two bets: total over 2.0 and total over 2.5. If there are 3 goals in a match, then both bets will win. If there are 2 goals in the match, then the one made for a total over 2.5 will lose, and the one made for a total over 2.0 will return to us. If there is 1 goal or none in the match, then the bet loses completely.

Asian total as part of the bets

If you decide to include at least one bet on a fractional Asian total or a fractional head start in the bet, then you will make two bets. And with each addition of fractional total or fractional odds, you double the number of bets.

For example, you made three bets with odds of 1.5, 1.91, adding an Asian total of more than 2.75 for 1.65, which, as we said above, decomposes into two bets: total more than 2.5 and total more than 3.

We get two bets with the same coefficient 4.73:

1) 1.5 X 1.91 X total is greater than 2.5 for 1.65 = 4.73

2) 1.5 X 1.91 X total over 3 for 1.65 = 4.73

Imagine that the elections for 1.5 and 1.91 played and everything is decided in the match on which you put the Asian total. In order for both halves of the bets to play, and in this way your bet plays in its entirety, it is necessary that there are 4 goals or more in the match. That is if we bet 100 euros on our bet, and in the match 4 goals or more, then back we get 473 euros, where the net gain is 373 euros.

But if there are only 3 goals in the match on which you bet the Asian total, then in the second half of the bet, which is made on the total more than 3, you will receive a refund.

In this case, your bet will be calculated as follows:

1) 1.5 X 1.91 X total is greater than 2.5 for 1.65 = 4.73

2) 1.5 X 1.91 X total more than 3 in 1.0 (refund) = 2.87

According to this formula, the calculation of the rate: 50 euros are calculated with a coefficient of 4.73, and another 50 with a coefficient of 2.87. In this case, if you bet 100 euros on such an bet, then you will get 380 euros back:

(50 X 4.73) + (50 X 2.87) = 236.5 + 143.5 = 380

If there are 2 goals or less in the match, then both of your halves of the bet will lose.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on Asian totals

Asian totals have two small drawbacks: they are always lower in ratios than the senior total, but this is a logical reinsurance fee. The second drawback is the complexity of the calculation, but for experienced players, this is not a drawback.

The benefits of Asian totals are much more pronounced. Unlike bets on handicaps, you don’t need to guess the outcome of the match here – the main thing is to get the right number of goals. In betting on handicaps, one must not only guess the winner/loser but also predict what difference he will win/lose.

In addition, experienced players really appreciate the opportunity to play it safe. For example, in football often one goal decides everything, and betting on a fractional Asian total involves two situations at once.

Asian total is sometimes also an opportunity to bet on a higher coefficient. For example, for a total of less than 2.5 a very small coefficient is proposed, but betting on a total of less than 1.5 is too risky. In such cases, the Asian total may be less than 2.25, which will have a coefficient higher than the total less than 2.5, but which will allow you to get back half the bet in the case of two goals.

Thus, you get additional space for maneuver, which is important in rates.

Bookmakers who offer to bet on Asian totals

The opportunity to bet on the Asian total is available at Ladbrokes, bet365, and Sbobet.

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