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If you are a bettor, you will have heard of the Asian handicap. This type of bet follows the general principles of the classic handicap, determining within the match a favorite team and a underdog, marked respectively by the sign - and the + sign....

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How the Asian handicap works The Asian handicap, like any handicap bet, is a type of play that tries to balance the technical skills of the two teams, clearly unbalanced. In all handicap bets, betting is on the matches that will be played between a...

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Asian Handicap

July 8, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a popular type of bet used in football and very popular in Asia (hence its name). Indeed, it is a standard form of betting throughout Asia. By itself, betting on Asian Handicap eliminates the zero result by reducing the number of...

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What is Asian total and how does it work Everyone knows how the classical system of totals works. Everyone knows the total over 2.5, the total less than 2.5, as well as their younger and older brothers. There is little choice: either lose or...

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