Handicap bet (Spreads)

May 26, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

In a handicap bet (also called spread), one of the two teams or one of the two players starts with a handicap (so the other has an advantage), this handicap being expressed in terms of goals or points depending on the sport.

The team or the favorite player will start the match with a determined handicap. The outsider will, therefore, have points or goals in advance. The greater the difference in level between the two teams or players, the higher the handicap will be for the favorite.
This type of bet is very popular with American players in US sports such as basketball or baseball, you will often notice a odds of 1.91 on this type of bet with the same odds on each side thanks to positive handicaps or negative.

Also note, in tennis, the handicap is often done in terms of games.

Now let’s take an example of a handicap bet on the English football match between Chelsea and Wigan Athletic. Chelsea being favorite, here is the handicap bet proposed by a bookmaker (handicap of 1 goal):
Handicap 0: 1 or Wigan +1

  • Chelsea 1.62
  • Draw 4.00
  • Wigan Athletic 3.75

If you bet on Chelsea: Chelsea must win by at least 2 goals
If you bet on a draw: Chelsea must win by a goal
If you bet on Wigan: Wigan must win or draw

Now let’s take an example of a handicap bet in basketball on the NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks. Boston being favorite, here is the handicap bet proposed by a bookmaker (handicap of 6 points):

Handicap or Spread

  • Boston Celtics – 6 1.91
  • Milwaukee Bucks +6 1.91

If you bet on Boston: Boston must win by more than 6 points
If you bet on Milwaukee: Milwaukee must win or can lose with a maximum difference of 5 points
In the event of a difference of 6 points in favor of the Celtics, the match is refunded (“push” term)

You will often find in the case of US sports deviations expressed in 0.5, in this case there will be no deviations resulting in a tie.

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