What video games are considered electronic sports?

April 21, 2020 | In: Articles

Electronic sports have existed for many years, but they are currently living their best moment in terms of notoriety, investment and followers, thanks also to the expansion of the internet, new technologies, and platforms. What were originally minority or local tournaments, in recent times has become a phenomenon in which not only professional players are involved, but also the millions of fans of video games and competition who follow them from their homes.

Not all video games have the range of electronic sport. In fact, among the tens of thousands of games available, only a dozen are considered esports, and all of them must meet a series of specific conditions that, in essence, are the following:

The game allows direct confrontation between two or more participants.

Players compete on equal terms, victory being exclusively determined by their ability.

There are official leagues and competitions regulated by rules and made up of professional teams and players.

It is popular and competitive. In other words, it has thousands of people playing and the media broadcasting the competitions.

You must promote the desire to excel.

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