What is the handicap in basketball betting?

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Handicap is a very popular term in the world of sports betting.

Its use specifically in basketball is to attribute to the team you are going to bet on, some extra points that can be positive or negative. By having those extra points, that is, with that handicap, the team’s probability of victory will change and therefore the odds.

What is basketball handicap?

The basketball handicap is a type of bet through which one of the two factors that define a bet is intended to be improved, which are the probability of being successful and the prize that would be won if successful.

Handicap bets are presented with the name of the team to bet on, and next to it a numerical value accompanied by the + or – symbol to indicate whether the value is positive or negative.

When betting with a handicap of, for example, -4.5, the team we have chosen will have to subtract 4.5 points and that operation will be valid only for our bet regardless of which team is the official winner of the match.

What do the symbols (+) or (-) mean in handicap?

They serve to represent whether the handicap is positive or negative. For example, if a handicap of +5.5 points is applied to a team, we know that 5.5 points must be added to the final score of the team and only for our bet.

For example, in a bet in favor of Real Madrid with a handicap of +5.5 in which Real Madrid scores 80 points at the end of the match, for the purpose of our bet he will have scored 85.5. This type of bet is used to improve the probability of hitting.

In the case of negative numbers the operation is the same. A bet in which a handicap of -7.5 points is applied to the team, at the end of the game 7.5 points must be subtracted, so that if they scored 90 points, for the purposes of our bet they would be only 82.5. This type of bet is intended to improve the odds.

What are betting handicaps for?

The main function of applying handicaps to bets is to improve the odds or the odds value of the event.

For example, if the best team in the NBA plays a game against the worst, suppose Milwaukee against Golden State, Milwaukee’s odds for victory could be 1.05, which would be very low. However, if we apply a handicap of -10 points to Milwaukee’s victory, Milwaukee would no longer be worth winning to give us the bet as right, but would have to do it for more than those 10 points.

With this the fee varies, and for example it could go up to 1.60, which is already a bet that is more worthwhile.

Another assumption is that we are facing a very even match, for example Barcelona – Real Madrid, and that the odds are equal to 1.90. We can bet on the victory of Real Madrid by applying a handicap of +3.5 points, and we would have it right even if Barcelona won by 3. What we would be is covering ourselves against a possible score evenly matched but at the cost of reducing the odds, which could go down by example at 1.45.

In short, the balance between the probability of hitting and the prize to be won is sought.

How to make handicap bets in basketball?

From the basketball section of each bookmaker we can access the competition that we are interested in betting, and once there we will be able to check the priority nature of handicap betting in basketball, since on almost all occasions we will see that together with the odds of the winner of the match, the odds of the bet with handicap appear.

To find more handicap bets, you have to enter the match in question and in almost all cases we are going to see other handicap bets, which appear in a tab that is usually called “alternative handicap”.

Types of basketball handicap bets

The types of handicap bets in basketball are usually mainly those that affect the total score of the team, which are the ones we have been dealing with in these lines and that serve to improve the probability of hitting or the amount of the prize in case of winning the bet on the whole match.

Similarly, there are basketball handicap bets that do not affect the entire part but a period. For example, there are handicap bets on the winner of the 2nd half and its operation is exactly the same except that the only points considered are those scored in the indicated period. The same is true for handicap betting on the winner of a quarter.

Tips for betting on a handicap in basketball

Handicap betting is a very practical resource in general betting and something imperative for anyone who intends to bet consistently on basketball. In the first place, it is necessary to assess whether we are facing a scenario that requires betting with a handicap, that is, if we are facing a game with very low odds that requires a handicap that improves it, or a game in which we have so many you doubt that it is necessary to increase your probability.

Therefore, it is important not to be greedy when it comes to increasing the odds, since a very high handicap can make an initially easy bet end up being unsuccessful.

There are also games that due to the characteristics of the teams that play them are more prone to bulky markers, such as those that score many points but weaken in defense, and in them it is more likely that there is a considerable distance of points between one and the other. In stronger teams in defense, it is more difficult for a bulky result to be produced and it is much more likely that victory will be due to a small difference score.

Other basketball bets

The most popular bets to make in basketball are match winner and handicap bets. It is also very common, especially in the NBA, to bet on certain performances by one of the players, for example whether or not he will exceed 25 points, whether or not he will catch 8 rebounds or will distribute 7 assists.

These types of bets require previously reviewing the statistical averages of the player, the moment in which he is and if any of his colleagues who perform the same function is low. For example, if a team works mainly with 2 centers, if 1 of them does not play due to injury, it is very likely that the other has a greater minute load and responsibility, and therefore more likely to improve its statistics.

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