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April 27, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

Betting on football with an Asian handicap means you will bet on markets where the possibility of a draw is ruled out, leaving victory and defeat as the only options. The sportsbook gives each team a handicap before the game starts, which increases interest by betting even when one of the teams is clearly a favorite – the handicap is designed to equalize forces.

Let’s take an example: Oviedo’s match against Sporting de Gijón, on the favorite clear role. A bookmaker could offer you a 1.4 odds in favor of Sporting’s victory, but logically that will not bring you any profit if the game ends in a draw.

In such a case, the Asian handicap is interesting, and it could be such that: betting with a -1.0 handicap in favor of Sporting at odds of 2.1 – therefore, it is as if Oviedo started the game with an advantage of 1 -0 on the scoreboard. Possible outcomes:

Sporting win the match by more than one goal: you win your bet

Sporting win by a goal difference: you get back the money bet

Oviedo win, or they tie: you lose your bet.

This is only a simple example, as the Asian handicap offers many other possibilities.

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