How Asian Handicap 0.75 works

January 28, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

This combination is very similar to 0.25. The underdog team starts the game, also in this case, with a quarter of an advantage. However, the epilogue of this Asian handicap betting scheme is slightly different.

Let’s see an example of a bet, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid:

With Asian handicap probability:

Home odds: 1.9
Away odds: 1.9

If the player bets € 10 on Barcelona with a 0.75 bet scheme:

If Barcelona wins the game then the payout is € 10 x 1.90 = € 19.00
If Atletico Madrid wins with a goal difference (0 – 1, 1 – 2. 2 – 3) half is returned to me, the other half is lost.
If Atletico wins the game with two goals difference (0 – 2, 1 – 3, etc.), the bet is lost and the win is 0.

If you focus on Atletico Madrid:

If the team wins with a two-goal difference then the bet is won. The payout is € 10 x 1.90 = € 19.00
If Atletico wins with a single goal difference, the first half of the amount wagered is returned to me while the other half is multiplied by the amount of the win. So, € 5 x 1.90 = € 9.50. The total payout is € 14.50.

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