How Asian Handicap 0.25 works

January 23, 2020 | In: Asian Handicap

In this case, the pattern is 0 – 0.25. This means that the team disadvantaged by the predictions will start with a quarter-goal advantage before the kick-off. The risk is to lose half of the amount earned in the event of a tie. Let’s use an explanatory example, PSG vs Marseille.

With Asian handicap probability:

Home odds: 1.9
Away odds: 1.5

You bet € 10 on the PSG. The team must win in order for you to win the bet (€ 10 x 2.00 = € 20). Ditto for Marseille.

But if a tie occurs, you have to be very careful:

If you bet on the PSG and a tie occurs, you get only half the winnings and the other half is lost.
If you bet on Marseille and the two teams draw, you get back half the initial odds. The second half is obtained with the share of the away team, therefore, € 5 x 1.90 = € 9.50. The sum obtained is € 14.50 with a profit of € 4.50.

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