The Asian handicap in sports betting: how does it work?

September 11, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

Asian handicap: what is it?

To put it simply, the Asian handicap is the fact of adding or removing one or more goals for one of the teams in order to balance a match that is basically unbalanced.

In terms of betting, an “Asian handicap” means that one team is given the opportunity to lead virtually against another, before the match begins. If you place a bet on this designated team and it wins when you add the handicap, you win the bet.

Different types of Asian handicap

The handicap 0

Null handicaps (or zero handicap) cancel the handicap system itself, which means that the winner is simply the winner of the match and in case of a draw, the wagers are refunded to the bettors. This bet is also called “Draw no bet”.

If for example you bet on the victory of Monaco H.0 (handicap 0), then if Monaco wins you win your bet, if there is a draw you are refunded and if Monaco loses you lose your bet.

Standard handicap or full Asian handicap (+1, +2, -1, -2 etc.)

In this handicap, we add or remove one or more goals to a team on the final result. If adding the handicap and the final result is a tie then the bet is refunded.

If you play for example Monaco H -1 and Monaco wins 1-0 then when you add the handicap it gives 0-0. The bet is refunded.

If you play Monaco H-1 and Monaco wins 2-0 then when you add the handicap it gives 1-0. The bet is won.

If Monaco draws or loses their match then the bet is lost.

The simple Asian handicap (+0.5, +1.5, -0.5, -1.5 etc.)

We will remove or add here goals in increments of 0.5. Thus, when we add the actual result of a match, there can be no refund since there can not be a tie.

If you play Monaco +0.5, then you win if Monaco wins or draws.

If you play Monaco -0.5, then you win only if Monaco wins (this bet is the same as bet on Monaco’s victory)

If you play Monaco -1.5, then you win only if Monaco wins by 2 goals or more, otherwise you lose your bet.

Shared handicap (+0.25, +0.75, -0.25, -0.75 etc)

Go here to remove or add goals in increments of 0.25.

When you play this type of handicap, your bet is actually divided into two parts. Half of your bet is on the lower handicap and the other on the higher handicap.

For example, when you play € 10 on Monaco +0.25, this amounts to betting € 5 on Monaco H.0 (lower handicap) and € 5 on Monaco +0.5 (higher handicap). Thus, if Monaco draws, you will win half of your bet and you will be refunded the second half. If Monaco wins you win all of your bet and if Monaco loses you lose all of it too.

Here is another example. If you play Monaco -1.25, it’s like dividing your bet in two. 50% on Monaco -1 and 50% on Monaco -1.5. If Monaco loses or draws you lose all of your bet. If Monaco wins by 1 goal, you lose half of the bet (Monaco -1.5) and you are refunded the other half (Monaco -1). Finally, if Monaco wins by 2 goals or more you win the entire bet.

Even though the Asian handicap system may seem complicated for a beginner, it is not difficult to understand with a little practice.

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