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Its name derives from the fact that it originated in the Asian betting market, specifically in Indonesia, and applied to football. Betting using the Asian Handicap makes a lot of sense in football because it is one of the few sports in which the draw is customary and there are three possible outcomes in a match – victory, draw or defeat. It is a really attractive variant when betting, so it is gaining in popularity and is widely used by professional bettors.

If you bet with Asian handicap, the possibility of a draw is ruled out, being the victory and defeat the possible options. In summary, it works like this: in a football game, the house or bookmakers assign both teams a handicap – an advantage / disadvantage in goals – at the beginning of the match to level the contest.

If you bet using the Asian handicap, the chance of a tie is eliminated from the equation, leaving the victory or defeat as options.

The main advantage for you as a bettor is that it gives your bet a spicy and attractive extra … even if one of the two competing teams is clearly a favorite. While Asian handicap bets are traditionally more common in bookmakers of Asian origin – as expected – their popularity is rising on European betting pages.

Today numerous betting pages offer markets with Asian handicap in football, but they are also offering it in other sports disciplines. But although Asian handicap can be offered in different markets and sports, the most typical case – and where it makes the most sense – is to apply it to the result of a football match in number of goals.


Making bets with Asian handicap is becoming a very interesting alternative in the world of football betting. The reason is that it gives an additional advantage to bettors who have good knowledge of the sport, because it is given or taken away from the team in favor of the bet – the handicap is assigned based on the quality of the team, but also taking into account their fitness

Therefore, it is evident that some knowledge of football is required – if this is the case – to take advantage of bets with Asian handicap. Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in which a result that is not victory or defeat can be given, excluding the possibility of a tie creates a more level environment for betting.

You should also know that the quarter-goal system (1.25, 1.75, etc.) is something unique to Asian handicap bets. Once you know a little more about the Asian Handicap, you may want to check out the best betting pages for football.

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