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August 2, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

As an avid sportsman, you are always on the lookout for strategies to further improve your success. The following article is aimed at the experienced players among you who want to try the increasingly popular Asian Handicaps.

What are Asian Handicap bets?

The question arises where the difference between Asian handicap and conventional handicap bets lies. Here is a short list of these two terms:

While in normal handicap betting, you can only bet on the classic variants of Team 1, Draw or Team 2 wagering, Asian handicaps offer more opportunities to win in a draw. In the end, only the option Team 1 or Team 2 wins. The outsider of the game gets a fictitious lead or the favorite a fictitious lag. In this way, more attractive odds can be achieved and there are interesting betting opportunities.

How do Asian Handicap bets work?

There are several different variants of Asian Handicaps. We will explain these in the following examples.

Variants of Asian Handicap:

Asian Handicap 0
Asian handicap 0.25
Asian Handicap 0.5
Asian Handicap 0.75
Asian Handicap 1

Asian Handicap 0

Asian Handicap 0 comes into play when the bookmaker can not recognize a favorite between two teams. The odds are very balanced in both teams and in a draw you get your entire stake back. This option is ideal for games with balanced teams, and if you’re right you’ll almost double your bet.

Here’s an example: Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 are well-balanced teams for the bookmaker and the bookmaker can not decide on a favorite. If we bet on Bremen and they win, we double our money. If the teams draw, we at least get our stake back. Only if Schalke decides the game for itself, we have lost our money.

Asian Handicap 0, 0.5 (0.25)

In Asian Handicap 0, 0.5 (some bookmakers also 0.25) are actually completed two bets. So half of the amount is set to handicap 0 and the other to 0.5. This will allow you to split the risk a bit and you will not lose your entire bet even in a draw.

Let’s take a look at this in the form of an example:

The bookmaker sees in our match Hannover 96 in the advantage and offers you with handicap 0.25 a balanced odds on both teams. So we put 100 € on Hannover 96 at 2.1 odds. Our € 100 will be split into two equal bets. Thus, we typed € 50 on Handicap 0.0 and € 50 on Handicap -0.5.

If Hannover wins the game both tips go up and our stake is more than doubled. Payment: 210 €

If the two teams draw, we lose the € 50 bet on Handicap 0.5, but get back our bet on Handicap 0.0. Payment: 50 €

Losing Hannover we lose our entire commitment.

If we tap on the easy outsider Darmstadt our 100 € bet on 50 € on Handicap 0.0 and 50 € on Handicap +0.5 split.

If Darmstadt wins, we win both bets. Payment: 180 €

If the teams draw, we win the bet Handicap +0.5 and get back our bet of Handicap 0.0. Payment: 140 €

Win Hannover All our efforts are lost.

Asian handicap 0.5

Asian handicap works like a normal handicap bet. However, there are only two betting outlets.

In the following example, Argentina is considered a favorite. If we bet € 100 on Argentina -0.5 and Argentina decide the game for themselves, we also win the tip. However, if Colombia win or the game ends in a draw, we lose our stake.

However, if we bet on Colombia, we win both in Colombia’s victory and in a draw. Only in case of defeat is our mission lost.

Asian Handicap 0.5, 1 (0.75)

Also, the Asian Handicap 0.5, 1 which is often referred to as Asian Handicap 0.75, your bet is also divided into two different bets.

In our example match between Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach Dortmund is considered a favorite. Thanks to the Asian handicap, however, both teams have a balanced and therefore attractive odds.

So if we bet on the favorite Dortmund with a bet of 100 €, our bet is split and we set 50 € to -0.5 and 50 € to -1. But what result must be achieved so that we can win as well?

If Dortmund wins by more than two goals, we win both the bet with -0.5, and the bet on -1. Thus, we have doubled our bet and cash 200 €.

If Dortmund wins by a goal advantage we get back our stake of 50 € for the handicap -1 Asian Bet. We won our bet of -0.5. Our payout is therefore 150 €.

Only if the match ends in a draw or loses Mönchengladbach is our whole mission lost.

Let’s look at this example with a hint on the outsider Borussia Mönchengladbach. Our two bets are at a bet of 100 €, 50 € on handicap +0.5 and 50 € on handicap +1.0.

If Mönchengladbach wins or the teams separate with a draw, we win both bets and in our example have a payout of 190 €.

If Borussia Mönchengladbach loses with one goal, we lose our +0.5 bet, but get back our stake for the bet Handicap +1. The payout is therefore 50 €.

Loses Mönchengladbach with more than 2 goals, we lose our entire stake.

Asian Handicap 1

The Asian Handicap 1 Bet works the same as a traditional handicap 1, but eliminates the possibility of a third game outcome. In our example West Brom vs Manchester City, the Citizens are seen as favorites.

In the example we bet 100 € on Manchester City with Asian Handicap -1. If ManCity wins with more than one goal, we win the tip and collect 205 €. If the club from Manchester won just one goal advantage, we get back our entire bet of 100 €. If we draw or win West Brom, we lose the bet.

Now let’s look at the bet on a tip on the geek. We bet our € 100 on West Brom in an Asian handicap of +1. The team thus gets a fictitious lead and we win both in a win, as well as in a draw by West Brom. The payout amount is 185 €. If West Brom loses with one goal behind, we will at least get our € 100 bet back. We only lose the bet if West loses Brom with more than two goals.

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