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Asian handicap – the explanation

Basically, a distinction must be made between Asian and European handicaps. In both types of bets, a team is equipped with a fictitious lead, usually the outsider. In the European versions, there are several options per encounter, which are provided with different quotes. The possibilities may vary from 0: 1 to 0: 4, depending on the game. The Asian Handicap, on the other hand, is about putting both teams on the same level as possible.

A second difference is that the European variants continue to be offered as a 3-way market. The Asia version has only two possible betting outlets. This also explains why the options are sometimes provided with quarter, half or full goals or points (depending on the sport).

How do Asian Handicap bets work?

As the name suggests, this betting variant was invented in Asia and has successfully made its way from there to other parts of the world over the years. The sports bets offered on this principle are characterized by the fact that one of the participating teams or the participating players start at the beginning of the game with a lower odds. Thus, these Asian handicap bets are basically similar to normal handicap bets. In general, in this type of bet at the end of the handicap is added to the actual result. The bets with the Asian Handicap differ mainly by the fact that the potential handicap a possible draw as a game outcome should be excluded.

As a result, considering the handicap, there are only two possible game outcomes. In addition, the respective odds for both teams are ideally just under 2.0, which means that the profit opportunities are relatively similar considering the corresponding handicap , There are both in Asia but also generally a lot of sports weather, which do not want to draw as a result. Especially as a result, the Asian handicap betting enjoy an ever greater popularity.

Especially in the field of football bets, these Asian bets are often used, as there is a high number of bettors who do not want to accept a draw as a possible final result. Certain variations of this bet type also allow the weather, if there is a draw gets his bet back. However, this option is only available for a zero Asian handicap bet or a whole Asian handicap bet.

The different Asian Handicap bets

The biggest differences of the Asian variants of the handicap bet are that they are much more flexible in wagering than normal wagers with a handicap. This is due to the fact that, for example, the outsider team can be assigned to other goals as well as entire goals as a handicap. Because generally there is always the possibility of a draw in handicap betting with whole goals. But just this draw as a possible result should be excluded by betting with handicaps. Therefore, the weather in this case get the amounts back.

In addition, there is the possibility with the Asian Handicap

half goals (0.5)
Quarter gates (0.25)
and three quarter gates (0.75)

These variants then allow you to exclude a tie from the start as a result. Because in real games only whole goals can be scored. If there is a real draw in the real game, the chosen handicap will definitely lead to victory as a weather result.

Why are Asian Handicap bets so successful?

As already explained, the Asian handicap betting variants are especially so popular because the draw is ruled out as a result or in special variants of the use in a draw is paid back. So, if you bet on an Asian Handicap bet, there are basically only two game outcomes. This in turn means that the chances of winning are 50 percent, because it is only possible through the handicap that Team 1 or Team 2 wins in the end. As a result, both the odds and the experience itself in betting significantly improved. Because in most sports bettors, the draw is perceived as a negative result, because the sympathies lie with one of the two teams. Another advantage of the Asian Handicap bets is the relatively high odds. If you do not want to work with low odds all the time, Asian Handicap bets are the best bet. Normally, the odds are almost always just under 2.0. Before you place Asian Handicap bets, you should definitely inform yourself beforehand about the teams and also about the corresponding handicap, because the handicap can end up over the rash to win the bet.

Asian handicaps mostly excluded from the bonus

If you play through your welcome bonus, you should first read the general conditions carefully. Some bookmakers, including the sports betting market leader Bet365, explicitly exclude Asian handicaps in the rollover requirements. If the betting market is allowed in the rollover conditions, it is definitely recommended for bonus free spins. The betting odds almost always reach the minimum betting odds required by the bookie.

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