Tennis Handicap: Betting on the Handicap Set

May 14, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

Handicaps Sets

The bookmakers also offer a set-based handicap modality, which works much like the game-based mode, but using the number of sets won by each player instead of the number of games.

In the game between Nadal and Murray, a website offers Nadal bets at 2,260 (-1.5 sets) and 1,730 for Murray (+1.5 sets). If Nadal wins the game in two sets (7-6, 6-2), he covers the handicap and all the bets that gave him as winner are awarded.

In case of playing three sets, the +1.5 handicap is covered if the player wins a set, which would be the same as having bet on “Player X wins at least one set”. Similarly, handicap -1.5 to have bet on? Player X wins two sets ?.

Totals per match

The modality of bets by total results is another basic type and a very popular alternative to the bets based on handicap. Here, the focus is not on the winner of the game, but on trying to predict the total number of games, sets, points, aces or any other easily quantifiable variable of the match.

Bookmakers offer bettors the option to bet if the number of games or sets will be above or below (over / under) a given value. This type of betting is currently offered for almost all tennis matches by practically all betting houses.

For the match between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, the total number of games was located in Over 22.5 (1,943) and Under 22.5 (1,962). If the final result of the match had been 6-3 5-7 6-3 (a total of 30 games) for Nadal, a bettor who would have played € 100 to over 22.5 games, would have achieved a return of € 194.30. €, with a profit of € 94.30.

Another bettor who would have played the same amount for under 22.5, would have lost the bet.

Betting on Won Sets

In this modality, the bettor must correctly predict the exact result of a tennis match, correcting the number of sets won by each player.

It can be a good way to make a profit, since the prizes are quite higher than in other specialties, such as the winner of the match and others. But the level of risk is also increased, since even the best players in the world can make a bad set during any game.

The bookmakers offered bets to 1,448 by Rafael Nadal in his already referred game against Andy Murray. The victory by 2 sets to 0 was paid to 1,962.

A player who had bet € 100 for the victory of Nadal, would have taken € 144.80, but if he had done so by guessing the result of 2: 0, he would have pocketed the beautiful amount of € 196.20.

Rafael Nadal 2: 0
Rafael Nadal 2: 1
Andy Murray 2: 0
Andy Murray 2: 1

Most tennis tournaments offer the possibility of the best to three sets (one player can win by 2: or 2: 1), except for the male Grand Slam and Davis Cup individual tournaments, where the best of five is offered sets, which means three possible outcomes: 3: 0, 3: 1 or 3: 2.

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