Bets 1X2 with handicap

May 17, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

1X2 bets with handicap are similar to normal 1X2 bets with the difference that the favored team is assigned a handicap, for example of 1 goal.

With 1X2 bets with handicap, we try to eliminate the disadvantage of one of the two teams by assigning a handicap to the favorite team. For example, suppose a match like this: Germany against Cyprus. We would like to focus on Germany’s victory but the odds offered are too low, while Germany’s victory with 1 goal handicap has better odds.

In this case if our game ends 1 to 0 considering the disadvantage is as if it ended 0-0 and then we lost our bet. Therefore predicting the sign 1 with a goal handicap, the home team must win with at least 2 goal difference.

Unlike the Asian handicap, with the same disadvantage, in 1X2 betting with handicap there is never a refund of the bet.

The same rule applies to the X sign with handicap and we must make a consideration. In fact, playing X (-1) with a handicap means that the home team starts with a disadvantage. Our bet on the draw will therefore be a winner if and only if the home team wins but only with a goal difference (1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.).

The argument also applies – obviously – if the away team is favored. Predicting the sign 2 with a handicap of 1 goal means that the away team must win with 2 goal difference and so with the other types of handicap bets.

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