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February 14, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

Every gambler sooner or later in the world of ONLINE sports betting will have surely heard of Asian Handicap, and specialized bookmakers to bet with this type of market. In this article we will try to analyze this type of bet, drawing pros and cons.

What is meant by Handicap?

The answer is simple! The handicap allows to modulate in favor or disfavour the ability of two teams, adding or removing in the game a virtual score to the favored team, so as to balance or unbalance more the value in the field of the two teams.

Of course, the bet is won if the team in which you bet wins by adding the value of the virtual score to the real one. In the event that the sum is a tie, the bet is refunded, unlike the European one where the forecast is lost. We will see better in detail, going to analyze all the possible cases.

How do AHs work?

The handicaps are divided into 3 main sections:

The whole handicaps

The handicap value on the favored team is an integer (1; 2; 3; …) which indicates the value of the virtual disadvantage goals necessary to break even.

Half-point handicaps

The handicap value on the favorite team is a half number (0.5; 1.5; 2.5; …) which always indicates the value of the disadvantaged goals needed to win the match. For example, AH 0.5 expresses the same value as sign 1

Fractional handicaps

They are a cross between full and half point handicaps and are indicated with values (-0.25; 0.75; 1.25; …). The play will be divided into 2 bets, a part on the nearest whole handicap and the other half on the nearest half.

Why use AH?

The main reason for the use of AH is to offer an advantage to the bettor, having a lower risk than the traditional “1X2” market.

For example, eliminating the possibility of a tie (which in many cases is reimbursed in part or totally) is more likely to positively evaluate the outcome of an event. Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of having a reimbursement, unlike the European one, where the results can only be winners or losers.

It may happen that you are not entirely sure of the outcome of an event, thanks to the AH you will have more chances to have a positive result with the compromise of a lower quota than the basic result. Taking an example, through an AH, it is possible to modulate a prediction so as to have 2 options out of 3 in order not to completely lose the bet.

The Asian Under / Over

As for the 1 X 2 signs there are the relative Asian handicaps, even for the under and over you can bet through this form of market share.

Also in this case we have 3 main groups, whole Asian Under / Over, half point and fractional, which have a similar value as explained in the previous paragraph.

Strategy to be used with AHs

Reducing the risk is certainly an advantage, and that’s why we will adopt this market, but it is not the basis for winning predictions.

The AH are one of the most effective means if combined with a good bet strategy, so as to allow a safeguard of the investment that few share markets allow. With AH you can modulate odds and odds of winning in order to have maximum value from your bets, hinge point before making a profitable prediction.

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