Asian Handicap bets – how they work

February 15, 2019 | In: Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is a type of sports bet that has become very popular in Asia (hence its name) which can be explained as a system aimed at eliminating the imbalance between two teams.

The operation of Asian Handicaps in football matches is as follows: to attribute before the start of the game, a disadvantage to the favored team to restore a bit of equity to the match.

Here is a simple explanation: let’s take the example of a disadvantaged team to which the Handicap of +1.5 is awarded. This market foresees the possibility of winning the bet in situations in which the team were to win, draw or even lose with a Goal of difference.

In other situations the Asian bet +1 could be the right choice for those football predictions ended badly, in fact, in these cases, we would find ourselves to be reimbursed in case the chosen team were to lose with a goal of difference.

The Asian Handicap is configured, therefore, as an advantageous opportunity for bettors because it reduces the risk compared to the traditional bet on 1×2 and often allows betting on better odds.

It is good to make a distinction between Asian Simple, consisting of whole numbers (both negative and positive) and 1/2 (we will therefore have 0, – / + 0.5, – / + 1, – / + 1.5, – / + 2 etc. ..) and Asian Compounds, obtained from the union of two Simple Asian (eg +0.5, +1 also written + 0.75 or +3/4 etc …).

1×2 bets with Handicap

The European handicaps also called three-way, differ from the Asian ones mainly in providing an advantage or a disadvantage in terms of goals both to the home team and to the away one and finally even to the draw.

Here is an example: Milan Inter

Milan with -1: Milan must win at least with two goals.
X with Milan -1: Milan must score 1 goal more than Inter.
Inter +1: Milan must score less goals or the same number of goals of Inter. In other words it would be like a double chance X2.

The Asian in multiple, how to calculate them.

A further difficulty in understanding Asian bets is when we decide to include them in our multiple football.

This type of strategy allows to reduce the risk with half-wins, lost half and reimbursement.

It follows that while in single it is quite natural to understand its functioning, in the multiple things are complicated.

To solve the problem, let’s make an example with a simple double with a multiplier of 3.6 and stake 100:

Inter Milan = 1 to @ 2.00 + Roma Lazio = bet with Handicap at @ 1.80

Rome Lazio Half Win: We divide stake / 2 and multiply it by multiplier 3.6 = 100/2 * 3.6 = 180
Rome Lazio Half-Lost: We divide the stake / 2 and multiply it for the product of the remaining shares = 100/2 * 2 = 100
Rome Lazio Refunded: We divide the multiplier / the amount refunded and multiply it for our bet = 3.6 / 1.8 * 100 = 200

In conclusion you can see how this type of betting is not immediately intuitive, but we are sure that with a little practice it is possible to master it obtaining excellent results.

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