Betting on corners: aim for corners!

December 4, 2018 | In: Articles, Asian Handicap

There are several methods to give more heterogeneity to your bets and your sports betting on football. You can bet on goals, under/over, on the result, on the total amount of goals scored or conceded and then on the corners.

How to bet on the corner kicks?

There is life beyond 1 X 2! Know that there are several alternatives to play that do not necessarily have to involve the sign of the result. If we then also consider the odds on which you can bet live, during the course of the match, then, the number of available bets increases even more.

Finding a niche market in betting can often lead to a noticeable probabilistic advantage.

Why bet on the corner kicks?

Bets on corner kicks have become increasingly popular in recent years. In addition to offering bettors the opportunity to take advantage of an alternative and otherwise predictable result compared to the final draw result, win or loss, the odds on the corner kick are known for the high rewards they are able to generate.

Betting on the corner kicks is therefore very different than the classic 1X2 or Handicap. The corners are a very important moment within the dynamics of a football game and depend a lot on the game produced and demonstrated by the two teams that compete for the victory.

Betting on the corner kicks: odds and possible bets

You can bet in the first place on the number of corners that will be kicked during the match.

In this case, the bookmaker will establish an expected amount of corners and bettors can choose whether they think the number of corner kicks in the game will be higher or lower than this prediction. A sort of over, under referred only to the number of corners.

Handicap in corner kicks

These odds allow you how many corner kicks will be beaten more or less by one team than another. For example, if we consider Cagliari-Inter, the available odds could be: Inter 3+ (Inter will beat a total of three more corner kicks than Cagliari), or Cagliari 3- (the Sardinian team will kick three times angle less than Inter).

Betting on live corner kicks

This type of play on corner kicks deserves a specific description because it differs from the others as it refers to live bets, those that are placed live, while the match is taking place.

Betting on live corner kicks, in real time, you will have the opportunity to bet on the corners taking into account the progress of the game and the game expressed by the two teams at certain times along the course of 90 minutes.

How to increase your chances of winning by betting on corners

To understand how to win more by betting on the corners, you will, as always, evaluate the information you have concerning the game mode of the teams that will take to the field. Obviously, teams with a higher ball possession, more goals per game, are very suitable for this type of betting.

So, look at the numbers!

Do not bet by letting yourself be inspired by instinct, place your bets based on your studies and your research on the previous results of the two teams and then on the predictable result.

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