Types of bets in the NBA (basketball)

August 3, 2018 | In: Articles

Due to its large market, NBA bets usually have a multitude of different varieties. They range from match winner, total points (total or partial), handicap … to individual bets and others that are decided practically randomly as who will put the last basket of the fourth and similar.

We will exclude those “random” because they have no value except very rare cases and we will determine that among them there are certain unions that we will explain later.

Betting to winner (Money Line):
Simply who wins the match

They are quite interesting bets, it is easier to find bets with value, such as an excessive penalty to the non-favorite teams to which many times the bookmakers predict beating day yes, day also or, above all, bets with very short lines such as -1, -1.5 that in case of seeing value in the Money Line it is worth risking a little more for a notable variation in the odds.

Total money lines: (Over / under)
On many occasions it is linked to the winner bets. Why? Because the winning team is usually the one that imposes its rhythm of play, whether it is a few-point games or games with more points, that is, a higher rhythm or a lower score. Keep in mind that the existence of a hypothetical extension also counts towards all bets, so if the match ends in a draw, there is a good chance that the over is the final result.

Individual bets:
There is also an excessive union with the previous ones. Normally it is about predicting the total number of points, rebounds and / or assists of a particular player in a particular match, but they are bets that can be used to draw value.

An encounter with a higher score necessarily implies a greater number of points scored by the players and a greater number of assists given. Possibly also a greater number of rebounds since the amount of shots in a game of pure run & gun is brutal, and if the percentages are normal (the match can be already a 115-110) the number of rebounds also It is quite high. The particular defender for a player or the type of defense of the opponent may favor some players more than others when it comes to finding bets with value.

Long-term bets are like most sports, long-term vision and a bit of luck. Always recommendable to trade for its slow fluctuations in prices.

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