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August 1, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

My tip: Asian handicap bets

I bet for a few years, mostly amateur, but the success was limited. Mostly I played combination or system bets. Minimum 3-station wagon and systems with 3 out of 4, 4 out of 5, 5 out of 6, 5 out of 7. I mostly looked for the pairings from English-speaking countries. (Premier League, Conference, Scotland, Wales) Mixed with the big European leagues. I must confess that very rarely did any of these systems go through. Often a real result was missing to get a profit. Mostly I was glad if I got my bet back.

Since the season 2007/2008 I changed my betting behavior. I only played single bets. In the meantime I only play Asian handicap bets and my account thanks me.

The advantage of Asian handicap bets is that my odds are always around 2 (between 1.85 and 2.40). In Asian Handicap 0, I get my bet back when the result ends in a draw. With Asian Handicap 0 and 0.5 (ie 1/4) I get my half bet back on a draw. This is meanwhile my favorite betart. Each of us bettors has been annoyed when in injury time still the compensation falls. “Oh, I would have played 1X ….. or I would have secured it”. In Asian Handicap you have the hedge and get his bet back (or half). at least not all the coal is gone.

There are now a large number of bookmakers that offer the Asian. You just have to pick the highest odds.

I have found my “Bet away” and stick with it. The profit is growing steadily. At the beginning I also thought that winnings and system bets would yield a much higher profit (assuming one hits at all). I played everything and all leagues. Now I limit my bets much more closely, it happens that I do not bet for 2, 3 or even 4 days until “the” bet comes to me. Everyone knows the feeling, when the bet comes to you. You can see it formally. Some call it gut feeling, other intuition.

During the season, I place 3-6 on Saturday and Sunday. If I am really convinced, then I also set three digits. But most of the time it’s about 20 – 50 units.

I can only recommend to anyone to play single bets and if you have familiarized yourself with the Asian matter, then this one. Every weekend I experience the cursing of players, because 1.30 or 1.40 banks broke down and the bill went into the gully.

So people, have patience and wait for the bet to come to you … good luck

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