Soccer handicaps

August 7, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

I’m going to talk to you a bit about the strategy that I follow, although I do not always do well, I usually bet on handicaps in football, because I do not care about the outcome of the game but the number of goals, and I pay attention to the statistics of each team, that is, if two scorers play, or two little scorers, or if one defends especially well. What result is worth to each one, etc. etc.

In case the game is played live on the page, I take to play also in the same game so that I can cover or be able to win the bet doubly is to say if I put an over 2.5 and already go for 1.5 I take advantage of putting an under 2.5 face to be covered in case they did not arrive, that although it is to earn less money `well it is always better to win half, than to lose it all.
To talk about another sport that I bet a lot is the basketball, which I also use the handicap, especially in games in which the team is not favorite, and that I think it can give the surprise, I bet for his handicap, so that if not he wins sure he will be close to doing it and if he wins … well I also get the bet.

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