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August 30, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

When the odds are too low, almost nobody wants to bet.

To put a solution, the bookmakers have expanded their offer and offer us handicap bets on football, basketball, tennis …

What is a handicap bet?

In handicap bets, bookmakers give a virtual advantage in the result to the team that is theoretically weaker and less likely to win.

The explanation of handicap bets is easy. By applying the advantage to the weak team the result of the match is not so evident and as a result the odds are equal. The handicap can be of a positive or negative sign, depending on which team the / the score is applied to.


Real Betis +2. Outsider team and positive sign.
F.C. Barcelona -2. Favorite team and negative sign.

In this example, it could be said that before the match began the score would be 2-0 in favor of Betis. If the final result of the match was 0-1, the result to be applied by the bookmakers would be 2-1.

European Handicap (EH)
Whenever we do not specify we are referring to this type.
In the EH you can bet on a certain team with the usual results: win / lose / draw.

Imagine that Real Sociedad, a first division team, is facing a much weaker Segunda B team. It is true that everything can happen and that there is nothing impossible, but the chances of La Real winning are higher. So that the result is not evident and equalize the odds a bit, the bookmakers could apply in this case a EH bet.

Let’s see the example with numbers imagining that we have bet that La Real wins.

Real Sociedad -2 / Second Team B +2, which means that the score of the game before the match started is 0-2. This is what will happen with your bet depending on the final result:

1-0 => You lose, since the final result considering the handicap is 1-2 in favor of the second B team.
2-0 => You lose, because for the bookmaker the result would be a draw.
3-0 => You win.

From the example, the conclusion that we can draw is that if we are facing a European handicap of -2, to win the bet the team we bet on must surpass the other in 3 goals or more.

But although in our country there are clear favorites, it is not necessary to go to such an extreme case. If for example we were before a match in which the two teams have the same odds of winning, the advantage would be assigned to the visiting team – since as a rule the teams play better at home.

Asian Handicap (AH)

The main difference between the European handicap and the Asian handicap, is that the latter only gives two possible outcomes at the time of betting: win / lose.

The AH can use decimal numbers instead of integers, with the main purpose of preventing the result of the event from being a tie. As we just mentioned, you can only bet on a certain team winning or losing. If the final result is a draw, it means no one won.

But within the AH we differentiate:

half goal 0.5 1.5, 2.5 …
whole goal 0, 1, 2 …

If there is a tie and the AH is 0.5, the team that scores the most goals will be the one that is considered the winner. If on the other hand it is 1.5, you will have to win the match by at least two goals.

In addition, bookmakers can grant more than one handicap to the same team.

Unlike European, in the case that after applying the AH the result of the match is a tie, it will be considered a zero result. Nobody can win in case of a draw, so the bookmakers reimburse the amounts bet.

The difference between the European handicap and the Asian handicap is the zero bet.

Asian handicap example:

Real Madrid -0.5 / Alcorcón +0.5

Suppose you have a white heart and support Madrid. This is what happens with your bet depending on what the final result is.

1-0 => Win
0-1 => Lose

For your forecast to be a winner, Real Madrid must win at Alcorcón at least one goal.

But we can still complicate matters, since the AH can also be -0.25 or -0.75. In this case it would be as if we were dividing the bet made and we bet half for one team and half for the other. These types of bets are called mixed Asian handicaps. (MH)

Imagine that you are in a situation where the F.C. Barcelona has an MH of -0.75, which is equivalent to a combination – hence its name – of AH -1 and -0.5.

If Barça wins by only one goal, you will only win half of the bet, since the 50% corresponding to -1 will have lost. Also, with more than two goals of advantage you will win the entire bet.
If the club loses you will have lost all the amount bet.

Let’s imagine that we bet on a team with an MH of -0.25.

If the favorite wins, we win.
If the match is tied, then half of the bet will be considered as won.

Get the best odds with handicap

Let’s discover then what we are interested in doing.

– You can get attractive odds in AH with a landslide. That is to say, if the favorite must enter 5 goals to win the game, the odds will be much more interesting than if he only had to put 1.

– Mixed AH can be a good option when betting on a certain team. If you are sure that this team is not going to lose but you do not have all of them with you to win, this is your option.

– Many times the bookmaker proposes handicaps for games without favorites, making it therefore more difficult to win the bet and establishing much higher odds.

Do not forget

The keys to bet with disadvantage for the favorite:

– The main idea is that not all bets are for the favorite.

– They can be applied to different sports such as football, basketball or tennis.

– They can also be identified in the following way 0: 1, 0: 2, 1: 0, 1: 2 …

– In case of a real draw, the handicap team would always be considered the winner.

– If the bookmaker does not offer you the option to bet on the tie, you will face a case of HA.

– The Asian offers you the option to receive your bet back.

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