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August 2, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

We review with practical examples everything necessary to understand Asian handicaps. This form of betting is one of the most widespread and used among experienced bettors, and occupy a high percentage of their total bets. Undoubtedly, getting to master these bets is essential if we want to become successful bettors.

The Asian handicaps also receive other names among which we can highlight: Asian handicap, asians? I have been able to observe that there are still problems with this section and therefore, I thought it convenient to write an article in which the practical examples help us to interpret this modality of handicap.

Understanding Asian handicaps is not an easy task. It could resemble other learning such as riding a bicycle, which once learned correctly, is no longer forgotten, but at the beginning requires some effort on our part.

We are going to assume that for all the examples that we are going to propose, the same conditions will be met: the odds for each possibility will be 1.90 and we will bet € 10 on one of the two options. We also remember that if after applying an Asian handicap the bet is tied, that bet will be canceled and we will not win or lose anything. Without further delay, we go with the examples:

Valencia -0.5 / Villarreal +0.5 Suppose that in this case we bet on Valencia -0.5. If Valencia wins your match we will win the bet, while if Villarreal draw or win we will lose our bet. Possible results:

1-0 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) since the final result with the handicap applied would be 1-0.5 (0 + 0.5)

2-0 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) since the final result with the handicap applied would be 2-0.5 (0 + 0.5)

1-1 -> Lost bet (-10 €). The final result with the a.h. applied would be 1-1.5 (1 + 0.5)

1-2 -> Lost bet (-10 €). The final result with the a.h. applied would be 1-2.5 (2 + 0.5)

Athletic Bilbao + 0.75? Real Madrid -0.75 This is the most complex type of Asian handicap since it is mixed, that is, it is the result of the combination of two pure Asian handicaps (in this case -0.5 & -1). We bet in favor of Athletic Bilbao +0.75. If Athletic Bilbao wins or ties the game we will win the entire bet. In case Real Madrid wins by the minimum we will only lose half of the bet, and we will lose the totality of our bet in case Real Madrid wins by two or more difference goals. Possible results:

1-0 -> Wage bet (+ € 9). As we have already explained, this handicap is subdivided in turn by two handicaps +0.5 & +1. Our bet amount is divided into 2 sub bets (of € 5 each), which will be Athletic Club +0.5 and Athletic Club +1. Therefore the final result with the handicap applied for each bet will be: 1.5? 0 (+ € 4.5) and 2-0 (+ € 4.5).

1-1 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) since the final result with the handicaps applied will be 1.5-1 (+ € 4.5) and 2-1 (+ € 4.5).

1-2 -> Half lost bet (-5 €). One result would be 1.5-2 (-5 €) and another 2-2 (+ € 0)

1-3 -> Lost bet (-10 €). The final results would be as follows 1.5 -3 (-5 €) and 2-3 (-5 €).

These Asian handicaps also apply to the goal lines, that is, the total goals that will be in a match.

Under 3.0 goals / Over 3.0 goals In this case we bet in favor of the under (below) of 3.0 goals. Possible results:

1-1 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) as there are less than 3 goals.

1-2 -> Bet canceled (+ € 0). Having just 3 goals the bet is void and we do not win or lose anything.

1-3 -> Lost bet (-10 €). In the game there are 4 goals and we had predicted that less than 3 goals would be scored in the game.

This type of bet is very widespread due to the amount of possibilities it allows, and therefore, it is quite common to be able to bet on Asian handicaps in other sports such as tennis, basketball, handball?

Bilbao -10 / CAI Zaragoza +10. We believe this time that the Zaragoza team has more possibilities than the bookmakers estimate and we bet in favor of CAI Zaragoza +10. Possible results:

77-70 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) since the result applying the handicap will be 77-80 (70 + 10).

79-70 -> Wage bet (+ € 9) since the result applying the handicap will be 79-80.

90-80-> Bet canceled (+ € 0). The final result with a handicap would be a 90-90 tie.

92-78 -> Lost bet (-10 €). If we apply the handicap we continue losing the game 92-88.

Mastering these Asian handicaps is increasingly important as traditional bookmakers are progressively incorporating these types of bets into their repertoire. Formerly, this mode was reserved only for a certain number of bookmakers, but given the great possibilities it allows, its popularity has grown enormously in recent years.

We hope this post will help you earn money with the bets.

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