What are Asian Handicap bets?

July 31, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is a way of betting on very popular football matches in Asia (hence its name). “Handicap” means that a team is given a ‘virtual advantage’, with which said team would dominate the scoreboard with a certain advantage before the start of the match.

In short, the Asian Handicap aims to eliminate the possibility of a football match ending in a draw, reducing the possible results to two.

There are two types of handicap: half goal (0,5, 1,5, etc.) and goal (0,1, etc.). In the case of the half goal handicap there is always a clear winner, since it is not possible to score half a goal.

In the case of the entire goal handicap, if there is a tie after applying the handicap, all bets are reimbursed. Example: In a market of standard odds, three options are offered for this football game: • Arsenal • Everton • Draw When betting on an Asian handicap market the tie is out of the equation, with two options remaining. In this example, Arsenal is a clear favorite, so the handicap is one and a half goals:

• Arsenal -1,5
• Everton +1,5

In the previous example the simplest case of Asian Handicap in Betfair is shown, that is, a team is given an advantage in which there is always a half goal (+0.5, +1.5, +2.5, etc.). .). The team that scores the most goals, after applying the handicap, will be considered the winner. For example, if you bet in favor of Arsenal’s victory over Everton with a handicap of -1.5, Arsenal will have to win the game by 2 or more goals for you to win the bet.
You will lose the bet if Everton wins, a draw occurs or Arsenal wins by a single goal.

At Betfair we always offer three markets to cover all significant changes in the handicap line. The most accurate handicap is usually the intermediate one.

As mentioned, in some Asian handicap markets, teams are given two virtual advantages (or handicaps, in the case of the favorite).

Here we find a combination of a goal handicap and a goal goal (+0 and +0.5, -0 and -0.5). Sometimes these bets are called “goal quarter handicaps”:

• Liverpool +0 and +0.5
• Chelsea -0 and -0.5

In this case, the amount of the bet is divided between a bet with a handicap equal to zero (all other things equal) and another bet with a handicap of half a goal. For example, if you bet € 20 in favor of Chelsea’s victory over Liverpool with a handicap of -0 and -0.5, you will make two independent € 10 bets (with the same odds, 2.03 in the example) – Chelsea -0 and Chelsea -0.5 • If Chelsea wins by 1 or more goals, you will win both bets.

• If the match ends in a draw, you lose the handicap bet of -0.5 and the other half (+0) is declared void and reimbursed.
• If Chelsea loses the match, you lose both bets.

An advantage of zero goals in the Asian handicap really means ‘Draw – Invalid bet’; that is, there must be a winner in the match or all bets will be void.

The market is similar to the market of odds, because one bets in favor or against a result in the same way. However, Asian handicap bets have more complex rules, so in this market it is not possible to show the Gains and Losses. When you place your bets in the Betting Manager, you can see the Gains and Losses involved

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