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July 6, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap

The common handicaps are a disadvantage applied to the favorite with the intention of equalizing the conditions of a certain marker. The Asian handicap is a variant of these handicaps, usually applied to football matches.

Football, like handball, is a peculiar sports for betting. I say that they are peculiar due to the existence of the tie factor that makes the winning quotes of one or the other team greater, since the draw is a possible result and therefore has its percentage of possibilities.

The Asian handicap has the characteristic that the draw (after the application of the advantage for the least favorite on the final result of the match) is a void, a voided bet where the risky amount is returned.

The most common are (example):

Sevilla (+0) vs Betis (+0): Nothing is added to the final result, if the result is a draw, void bet or void.

Sevilla (-0.5) vs Betis (+0.5): Betis has half a goal against the result of the game, so the tie is impossible.

Sevilla (-1) vs Betis (+1): A goal is added to the Verdiblanco team, so if Sevilla have won the game one goal, the bet is a void.

Sevilla (-0.25) / (-0.5 & -0) vs Betis (+0.25) / (+0.5 & +0): The bet is divided into two, half the risky amount with -0.5 and the other half with – 0 We can find it written in both forms. Possibility that half of the bet is returned.

Sevilla (-0.75) / (-1 & -0.5) vs Betis (+0.75) / (+1 & +0.5): As in the previous case, the bet is divided into two, one part with -1 and the other with -0.5. Possibility of being written in two different ways. Half of the bet can also be voided.

I think we should insist that in the common handicaps (those that are explained in another article) the possibility of a tie is not nullified, that is the difference between one and the other. I recommend making sure what type of handicap is to which we are going to bet in order to avoid free mistakes.

The handicap (-0) can be seen as “Bet without a tie” in some bookmakers, it is the same. Add that these types of bets are having a popularity that grows exponentially, while there are bettors specialized in this discipline.

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