How to make a Combined Bet with Asian Handicap

July 9, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

To apply the strategy “Combined Bet with Asian Handicap” related to football bets, we will take advantage of the advantage provided by the “Asian handicap”, because by using it, we have the possibility of covering a possible tie.

How to make a Combined Bet with Asian Handicap

To explain this betting strategy, we will choose two matches in which the teams that play the match at home are very strong at home, that is, they usually get, in most cases, the victory in their stadium and forcefully , such as Barça or Manchester City.

The odds for the local victory in the matches of these teams are usually between € 1.70 and € 2.10, which gives us an idea that the favorite to take the victory will be the team that plays at home. In addition, moving in this range of odds we can find odds to the “Asian handicap” (also called draw no bet) between € 1.35 and € 1.45, figures that are perfect to make a combined bet of odds close to 2 €.

Therefore, if we have chosen well the strong teams as local, their defeat will be difficult to come to occur, so regarding our bet, we can be quite sure that it will be unsuccessful, because as we should remember, the “Asian handicap “It means that if the match is tied, the bet is canceled, and therefore, we do not fail.

So, in case there was a draw or a local victory, we would get benefits, and if the two teams that play at home (our choice) won, we would almost double the amount wagered.

In short, this is to make a Combined Bet with Asian Handicap, a type of forecast unknown in our country but quite profitable if we know how to use it properly.

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