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July 10, 2018 | In: Articles

Possibly, many of you (especially those who are starting betting) just know the application of this Anglo-Saxon word in real life, which we could describe as an added difficulty when doing something. In the world of betting, a handicap can be this and quite the opposite at the same time.

I explain. A handicap is an initial disadvantage that is given to the most probable event in an event, but in turn and by default of the above, is an advantage that is given to the most unlikely event, hence the added difficulty for an event and the added advantage for the other. As with examples everything is better understood, I will put one:

ACB Basketball League match:

Real Madrid (-8) vs. Bilbao Basket (+8)

This handicap 8 means that the final result of the match must be subtracted 8 points from Real Madrid (favorite team), OR, add 8 to the Basque team. And I say “or” because if we subtract 8 points from Real Madrid and in turn add 8 points to Bilbao, we would be making a handicap of 16, and that is incorrect.

So, if the result of the game is 86-80, once the handicap is applied we would have a 78-80 or an 86-88, in both cases a victory for Bilbao Basket. (Apply the +8 to Bilbao or the -8 to Madrid the result is always the same, the victory by 2 points of the Basques and this is always the case. A result can not vary because we apply one thing or another at the time of checking if we have won a bet).

Some bookmakers put the handicaps with a (+) and a (-) as in this example. Other bookmakers simply put the (-), but in the end it is the same. It would be Real Madrid (-8) vs. Bilbao Basket. They are the same things.

What are the handicaps applied to? So that the quotas for both victories are the same, since the handicap (in this case 8 points) that the bookmaker puts, is supposed to equal the chances of winning of both teams. In theory, the odds for each victory are the inverse of the possibility, and how to put the handicap value that the chances are equal (50% for each team) the share of each victory will be 2? to each bet (Later it will be seen that the odds go down a little, until the interval of 1.90 – 1.95 € to the € so that the bookmaker obtains greater benefit, what is called the margin).

You can also see that there are decimal handicaps such as -8.5 in basketball or -1.5 in football. They work in the same way as the previous ones, but this eliminates the possibility of a draw, since when applying them to the result of a match, one score will always be greater than the other.

Sevilla (-1.5) – Mallorca (+1.5)
If the result of the match is of victory by 2 goals to 1 of the Andalusian team, when applying the handicap we get a Mallorca victory by half a goal. That is why decimals are handicaps.

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