Handicap bets – starting advantage for the outsider

July 30, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

In the handicap bet, the outsider in the game receives a fictitious lead of one or more goals.

Example of a handicap bet:

Bayern play at home against Cottbus. The Bayern are of course a big favorite, the game odds are 1.15 (home win) 6.00 (draw) 12.00 (guest victory)

In order to make the game more interesting for sports betting, the bookmaker gives the outsider Cottbus a goal advantage! The game starts in this case for the handicap bet with a lead of 0-1, this gate is added to the final score.

If the Bayern win the game with 2-0, the gifted goal the Cottbus for the handicap bet did not help – Handicap final 2-1

If the Bayern win the game 1-0, Cottbus has brought for the handicap bet due to the fictitious goal after all a 1-1 – handicap result so draw

If, in reality, the game ends in a draw (0-0, for example), Cottbus has won the handicap bet 1-0 thanks to the gift goal.

Even with an actual victory of Cottbus on the green grass – no matter what height and with what result – the handicap victory goes of course to Cottbus.

We use handicap bets primarily for bets on clear favorites where we assume that they win more than one goal difference!

Especially in the above example Bayern Munich against Energie Cottbus, it can be very lucrative to bet not only on a normal victory of Bayern, but on a win with at least 2 goals difference.

The odds are much higher here – instead of 1.15 on a normal win bet you would certainly get here odds of at least 1.50 for a handicap victory – so if you think that a win with at least 2 goals difference is likely, then the handicap is certainly a good choice for lucrative profits!

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