Explanation of handicap betting in football: strategy, tips & Asian handicap

July 3, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

To begin the explanation of handicap bets in football, it is worth reviewing the official definition of the term ‘handicap’: “In equestrian and in some other sports, competition in which disadvantages are imposed on the best participants to match the possibilities of all.” In the specific case of football, the parties in which there is a markedly different disparity allow to demarcate the options to bet with handicap very clearly.

A concrete example

They face Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano at the Bernabéu, with handicap 0: 2. In a nutshell, it means that Rayo Vallecano starts the game winning by 2-0. So, if Real Madrid wins 1-0, the final result is 1-2, favorable to Rayo. In this way, to win the bet by putting the chips in Madrid, the white team should win by three goals difference. This is what is called the European handicap.

Also, it is a modality that can be even more attractive when the odds of winning are more or less the same for the two teams, since the draw also comes into play. Also, it should be noted that, to give form to the handicap, the goals are added and removed in a virtual way. This situation means that the chances of the favorite are not as wide as if the match were analyzed without taking into account the handicap.

Asian handicap

There are different betting options with an Asian handicap, a factor whose main feature is that the draw alternatives are canceled. Of course, with some variations, equality can occur; in that case, the bet is invalidated and the house returns the amount of the bet, with which everything is reduced to two possible results. Originally from Asia, as the name implies, this system has -a priori- two different types: half goal (fractioned) and integers.

In bets with a half goal handicap (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.) there must always be a winner, since it is obviously impossible to score half a goal. Assuming the example Barcelona -0.5 / Valencia +0.5 with a bet on Barcelona -0.5, the only way to win is for Barcelona to triumph. Both the draw and the victory of Valencia would lead to losing the bet.

With respect to the goal handicap, the difference with the previous mode is that one of the teams starts the game with a goal of advantage. Following the previous example, it would be Barcelona -1 / Valencia +1. If we bet on Barcelona, the team must win at least two goals difference to win the bet. Meanwhile, when betting on Valencia, there are two winning results: draw and, naturally, victory of Valencia.

Other variants of Asian handicap

In addition to those mentioned, the Asian handicap proposes other choices such as the goal quarter (combined) and zero. The first is a split bet in which the investment is distributed between the half-goal handicap and the entire one. For example, in the bet Barcelona +0 and +0.5, we will win twice: if Barcelona wins and if it ties, only through the bet +0.5 (the other part is reimbursed to the user). Finally, the zero handicap shows that it will be won only if the team chosen for the bet turns out to be the winner, since the tie cancels the play automatically.

Strategies and tips

To begin with, it is important to be clear that this is an extremely complicated modality, which is strictly recommended to more experienced bettors. When choosing the indicated bet, it is advisable to check patiently what type of handicap is appropriate. A good way to start in this interesting world is to select only the matches that are presented with a broad favorite that even have serious chances of winning by more than one goal.

In terms of strategies, logically there are many. An attractive and profitable one is to make a combination of Asian handicaps, although with no more than two or three bets. The first step is to choose a pair of teams that play at home and are very strong in that condition. That will significantly reduce the possibility of losing, so the zero Asian handicap bet is ideal. The worst scenario would be that of two draws (void bet) and gains would be obtained with a local win and equality.

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