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July 13, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

The following article has the purpose of describing, to own consideration, one of the best types of bets in football: the Asian Handicap 1st Time (1).

Let’s start with a brief explanation, once again, about the Asian handicap, being one of the best ways to bet the money since it always maintains a margin of recovery of the bet in case it is not totally right, that in the current times, it is very important.

The Asian handicap (1) to the first time gives the possibility that if in a game there is only 1 goal in the first half, it returns our money, it would have to finish 0 to 0 the first time for the bet to become unsuccessful. There is the question of the whole analysis.

A test was conducted with more than 400 random matches between March 12 and May 20 of this year, where all final markers were analyzed at the close of the first half. It was not taken into account favorites, or local, or situation in the standings, or gusts, nothing. Only pure results. The results that were expected were the following.

* From 400 games, 37 matches ended 0 to 0, that is, 9.25%.
* In a total of 128 games the first half ended with 1 goal only, that is 32%.
* In a total of 235 games the first half ended with 2 or more goals, that is 58.75%.

Although it is usually the notion that in football in the second half more goals are scored than in the 1st half, because of the need to take the result by one of the two teams, in recent times, the trend is leaning towards the first time, although it is worth clarifying, that the results are biased by the finalization and definition of many of the main leagues of the world, and that implies that it is played more openly, but as mentioned above, variables were not included subjective in the analysis.

It is worth mentioning that the option of Asian Handicap is not always available for all matches. When there is a very clear favorite, the bookmakers start at +1.5 or +2. However, if after 15 minutes no goal has been scored, they automatically throw the Asian handicap (1). The average odds that are handled with this type of bet range from 1.6 to 2.5, which makes it very attractive as 1 goal especially when there is a certain level of favoritism for a team, would cancel the bet.


Personally, they are a great defender of the bets that handle the possibility of canceling at a certain moment, giving a margin for failure. Obviously those bets have relatively lower odds than normal, say for example the Draw No Bet is much lower than betting directly to the winner, or the Asian handicap itself (1) is much lower than bet directly on the +1.5 goals in the game. First half. However since I began to analyze the Asian Handicap 1st time (1) in total goals, the positive results have not been waited.

In most of the leagues we can find this type of bets, with high odds that have a lot of value since they are usually leagues where there are a lot of goal overs.

Although, as we always remember, there is no better value in a bet than information. The more information you have about a match, regardless of the type of bet, the more likely you are to succeed.

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