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July 5, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap: The Asian handicap is similar to the handicap, but has specific rules. For example, you can not bet on a draw.

Asian handicap bets represent a new way to bet. In particular, there is a tendency to avoid the skill imbalance between two teams by assigning an advantage for one of them. That advantage can consist of a goal of advantage if it refers to a football, game or set competition if it refers to tennis events, etc … so that the event becomes equity.

There are only two possible selections in Asian handicap bets, the home team wins or the opposing team wins. The Asian handicap eliminates the draw option used in multiple normals (1×2)

The Asian handicap originates in Asia, being today very popular in Europe.

The most common Asian handicaps are: +0, -0.5. -1, -0.25, -0.75

Some examples:

Barcelona (+0) Vs Real Madrid (+0): Nothing is added to the final result, if the result is a draw, the bet will be void.

Barcelona (-0.5) vs Real Madrid (+0.5): Half a goal is added to Real Madrid on the result of the match, so the tie is impossible.

Barcelona (-1) vs Real Madrid (+1): A goal is added to the merengue team, so if Barcelona has won the game one goal, the bet is voided.

Barcelona (-0.25) / (-0.5 & -0) vs Real Madrid (+0.25) / (+0.5 & +0): The bet is divided into two, half the risky amount with -0.5 and the other half with -0. That is why there is a possibility that half of the bet will be returned.

Barcelona (-0.75) / (-1 & -0.5) vs. Real Madrid (+0.75) / (+1 & +0.5): As in the previous case, the bet is divided into two, a part with -1 and the another with -0.5. Half of the bet can also be voided.

The handicap (-0) can be seen as “Draw No Bet” in some bookmakers, it is the same. Add that these types of bets are having a popularity that grows exponentially.

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