Asian handicap bets: performance and basic examples

July 4, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

Many times we have seen in some sports analysis that the best option to bet is the Asian handicap for this and another team, and we ask ourselves what is this ?.

The Asian handicap was made to match a game that in the sense of the odds to bet is uneven, for example Real Madrid faces Valencia at home and the bookmakers offer us the following odds: Real Madrid victory 1.45, draw 3.20 and victory of Valencia 5.20, as you can see, the odds reflect a lot of difference, so what the Asian handicap does is match this with some lines and for this type of odds the line to be used will be an Asian Handicap -1 Real Madrid that will have odds of 1.89 and an Asian Handicap +1 for Valencia that will have odds of 1.85.

Now let’s see, if you are convinced that Real Madrid is going to win this game, we ask ourselves: will it be worth to bet 100 euros to one of 1.45? Many will say, yes, because nobody pays you 45% interest for your money and more after two hours; but if we take into account that you do not always win in bets, winning 45% and then losing 100% in the long run is not much and that is where we look for high odds to match this and therefore the Asian handicap helps a lot.

What do we need to win this bet?

In this particular case of AH -1 Real and AH + 1 Valencia, if we believe that Real Madrid will win the game then we will bet on that 1.85 Asian Handicap odds -1 and for this we require them to win by difference of two goals or more, in case of winning by a difference of one goal, the bet is returned.

Now, for those who trust that Valencia can give fight and give the blow, this type of option is much more important, since it is preferable to bet on the Asian handicap +1 of Valencia, where the simple victory of this or the double chance, win or draw Valencia not only pays us the bet, but it covers us with the return of the bet in case it loses by a goal difference.

Types of Asian Handicap

There are several types of Asian handicaps available in football, basketball, handaball and tennis, below we show some of them taking into account the names of the Real Madrid and Valencia teams of our example.
Handicap of -0.5 or +0.5

Let’s say that the bookmakers decide to put Real Madrid -0.5 and Valencia +0.5, this means that Valencia enters the game with an advantage of 0.5 goals and if you have bet for them with this option you require them to win or draw, since if they are tied by that means extra goal (+0.5) will stay with the victory.

Handicap +0.

This type of bets is also known as Draw null result or No Draw and in English called Draw No Bet (DNB), let’s say that Real Madrid +0 bets and the game ends even in the ninety minutes because the bet is returned and the same It happens if you decide to bet on Valencia +0.

This type of option usually appears when the odds are very even, ie Real Madrid Earn 2.45, draw 3.30 and Valencia 2.40, but you can also use it to cover yourself and not risk much.

Handicap -0.25 or +0.25.

This type of Asian handicap has two bets in one, so, we decided to bet 100 euros for the +0.25, this means that 50 euros will be wagered to the AH + 0 while the other 50 euros to 0.25 with which if the game is equal in the ninety minutes will be returned the 50 bet to the AH + 0 and will pay the other 50 bet to the AH + 0.25; Now if in the end your team wins the game then the bet will be charged in full.

What if I bet at -0.25? to win you need your team to win the game, if you finish tied in ninety minutes, you lose half of the bet and you recover the other half.

How to know what type of handicap apply?

As you can see, there are many options in the Asian handicap, but know what is the correct one to use? That will depend on each one; for example:

If I am starting in the bets and I want to go a few to grow my capital of € 100.00, then we must be cautious.
Example, we see that the bookmakers for the game between Team A vs. Team B places the following odds, Team A has a 1.92 odds, a draw at 3.20 and Team B wins at 4.30, and we are confident Team A will be the winner, as we look within the Asian handicap options offered by the bookmaker and we take the Asian Handicap +0 in favor of Team A which will surely have low odds of 1.45 but will allow us to cover with the return of the bet in case of surprise and the game ends even.

If we are insured with good capital and we decide to risk, it is time to increase the value of odds in favor of the team we trust is going to make the game.
We saw this above with the example between Real Madrid Vs Valencia, where the victory of Real Madrid pays little and we say increase your odds by taking a negative Asian handicap of -1.

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