Asian Handicap 1 explanation, examples and tips

July 26, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap 1, the outsider gets a goal advantage – in a victory of the favorites with a single goal difference all bets are paid back.

In this type of Asian handicap bet, the favorite has to catch up on a handicap from a goal. So if he wins the game with two or more goals difference then he also wins the handicap bet.

If you win with exactly one goal difference, all bets will be refunded. In all other game outings (draw, outsider win), the outsider wins the handicap bet.

Example: Bayern (- 1) against Frankfurt (+ 1) Betting odds 1,90 1,90

The Bayern are the clear favorite in the game against Frankfurt and receive a goal handicap (- 1). Frankfurt, on the other hand, gets a goal advantage (+ 1) as outsider.

Let’s say you bet 100 Euro on Bayern Handicap (- 1) with the odds 1.90

If the Bayern win the game with at least 2 goals difference (2-0, 3-1 …) then you have won the bet, payout 100 x 1.9 = 190 euros.

In a Bayern victory with just one goal difference (1-0, 2-1 …) you get back your bet.

If the match ends in a draw or the Frankfurt win surprisingly, then you lose the stake of 100 euros.

Conversely, if you bet on Frankfurt with handicap (+ 1):

If you win in Frankfurt or a draw, you win the bet with a payout of 190 Euros, and you lose the bet in a Bayern win with at least 2 goals difference.

In a Frankfurt defeat with just one goal, you get back in this case, the complete use of 100 €.

This form of Asian Handicap bet should be used especially if you are convinced of a clear victory of the favorite!

Should it be a tight affair and the favorite wins by just one goal advantage, you will receive a full refund.

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