Asian Handicap 0.5, 1 explanation, examples and tips

July 25, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap 0.5, 1 the bet is divided and half set to Asian Handicap 0.5 and Asian Handicap 1 – hence the spelling 0.5, 1

With an Asian Handicap bet 0.5, 1 you are placing exactly two different bets.

The half bet is placed on Asian Handicap 0.5, the second half moves to an Asian Handicap 1 – what this means is best illustrated with an example:

Example: Hamburg (- 0.5, 1) against Stuttgart (+ 0.5, 1) Betting odds 1.90 1.90

Hamburg is quite clearly favored in the game against Stuttgart, one speaks in this case of a three-quarters goal handicap (- 0.5, 1). The VfB Stuttgart receives as a clear outsider, however, a three-fourths lead (+ 0.5, 1).

Let’s say you bet 100 Euro on Hamburg – according to the rule this bet will be divided into two bets: once 50 Euro on Hamburg Asian Handicap (- 0.5) and once 50 Euro on Hamburg Asian Handicap (- 1) each with the odds of 1 , 90th

If the Hamburger SV wins the game with at least 2 goals difference, you have BOTH 50 euros bets, each with odds 1.90 won, the payout is 50 x 1.9 plus 50 x 1.9 = 190 euros

If the game ends with a HSV victory with exactly one goal difference (1-0, 2-1 …), then you get back the bet 50 € for the bet Handicap (- 1) and win the bet handicap (- 0.5) 50 x 1.9 = 95 euros. In total, you will receive a 145 Euro payment.

If the match ends in a draw or VfB Stuttgart win then you lose BOTH 50 Euro bets and thus the total amount of 100 Euro.

But what about when you bet on Stuttgart (+ 0.5, 1)? Exactly reversed:

If you win Stuttgart or draw you will win BOTH Asian handicap bets, which means 50 x 1.9 = € 95 per bet and therefore a total payout of € 190

In a Stuttgart defeat with exactly one goal draw you lose the bet with handicap (+ 0.5) and receive for the bet with handicap (+ 1) the use back. Total payment so 50 euros for the refunded bet.

In a Stuttgart defeat with 2 or more goals difference you lose BOTH 50 euros bets and thus the total stake of 100 €.

This form of betting is particularly useful if you believe in a pretty clear win in the favorite!

If in the end it only takes a narrow victory with a goal difference, you can still make a small profit with this Asian handicap bet.

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