Asian handicap 0, 0.5 (0.25) explanation, examples and tips

July 18, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap 0, 0.5 the bet is divided and half each set to Asian Handicap 0 and Asian Handicap 0.5 – hence the spelling 0, 0.5

With an Asian Handicap bet 0, 0.5 you place exactly two different bets. The half bet is placed on Asian Handicap 0, the second half moves to an Asian Handicap 0.5 – what this means is best illustrated with an example:

Example: Real Madrid (- 0, 0.5) against FC Barcelona (+0, 0.5) Betting odds 1,90 1,90

Real Madrid is easily favored by the bookmaker in the game against FC Barcelona, in this case it is also referred to as a quarter-goal handicap (- 0, 0.5). FC Barcelona, on the other hand, gain a quarter-goal advantage as a lightweight outsider (+0, 0.5).

Let’s say you bet 100 Euro on Real Madrid – according to the rule, this stake is split into two bets: once 50 Euro on Real Madrid Asian Handicap (0) and once 50 Euro on Real Madrid Asian Handicap (- 0.5) each with the Betting rate 1.90.

If Real Madrid wins the game, you have BOTH 50 Euro bets, each winning odds 1.90, the payout is 50 x 1.9 plus 50 x 1.9 = 190 €

If the game ends in a tie then you will receive the 50 Euro bet back for the bet Handicap (0) and the bet handicap (- 0.5) will be lost. Total payment so 50 euros.

If FC Barcelona wins the game then you lose BOTH 50 Euro bets and thus the total income of 100 Euro. Disbursement is therefore zero.

But what about when you bet on FC Barcelona (+0, 0.5)?

Exactly reversed:

If Barca wins you will win BOTH Asian handicap betting, total payout 190 Euro

If there is a draw, you win the handicap bet (+ 0.5) and get the bet back for the handicap bet (0). Payment therefore 50 x 1,90 = 95 plus 50 deposit back = total payment 145 Euro

If Real Madrid wins you will lose BOTH 50 Euro bets and thus the total bet of 100 Euro.

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