The different handicaps of the world of betting

June 29, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

There are many bets available in the different types of markets offered by sportsbooks today, but if something is important to understand is how different handicaps (Asian / European) work, since in the vast majority of markets offer us different bets with handicap.

Although as I said there is a wide variety of markets that use handicaps, we will focus on the “Winner of the match” (1X2) to explain and make it as clear as possible.

European handicap

In a match, for example, Real Madrid – Getafe, under normal conditions the share of Real Madrid will be quite low. If for example we believe that Real Madrid will win Getafe by more than 1 goal, we can bet that Real Madrid will win with a handicap -1.

This handicap -1 means that the final result we subtract a goal from Real Madrid. If for example the match ended 3-1 we would win the bet, since the result with the handicap would be 2-1. If, on the other hand, the match ended 1-0, the bet would be unsuccessful since with the handicap the result would be 0-0, and our bet was on Madrid and not on a draw.

The handicap exists with both negative and positive symbols, and works the same. Following the previous example we could bet on Getafe with handicap +2. With this bet what we would have to do is add two goals to Getafe in the final result.

Asian handicap

Once we know the functioning of the European handicap (the one we just explained) we must know how to differentiate between the European handicap and the Asian handicap. In essence they are the same, they work the same, but while the European handicap does not give the option for the bet to be null, the Asian handicap does.

While with the EH (European Handicap) you have the option of -1, -2, +1, + 2 … with the AH (Asian Handicap) you have 0, -0,5, -1, -1,5, -2 , +0,5, +1, +1,5, + 2, … At first glance it may seem messy, but it’s really simple. The AH +0.5 is the same as the draw or win, the AH-0.5 is the same as the simple victory, the AH -1.5 is the same as the EH-1, etc.

Difference between the Asian and European Handicap

The difference between the Asian handicap and the European handicap is that with the Asian, when we bet +1, -1, +2, -2, … and there is a draw our bet instead of failed or right is null. With a result of 2-1 in the Real Madrid match – Getafe, if we take a Madrid EH-1 the bet is failed, while if we take a Madrid AH-1 is null.

There are usually no problems when it comes to differentiating them, since the bookmaker itself specifies it, but if it does not, as long as it is written as 1: 0, 2: 0, 0: 1, 0: 2, … or include the draw option is a European handicap. If it does not include a draw option and only gives you the possibility of winning one or winning another is an Asian handicap.

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