Difference between Asian handicap and European handicap

June 7, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

Over the past few years, betting on online betting sites has greatly diversified, so more and more gamblers are targeting other types of bets other than classic bets such as “Final Score” or “Total Goals.” This article shows you the two types of handicaps currently available in the market: Asian and European and it will present you the differences among them.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap refers in principle to a fictitious advantage or handicap with which one of the teams or a player starts before the start of an event. Asian Handicap can be positive, in which case we give a fictitious advantage to that team / player, or negative, where the team or player we choose starts from the start with a handicap, which must be recovered to the end.

Asian handicaps are divided into 3 categories: no stakes return, with full stake and partial stake return.

Asian handicap without stake back

It is quite clear that in this type of Asian handicap there are only 2 possible situations of our bet: won or lost. This type of bet will be found in the offer of online bookmakers in the following form: -0.5 / + 0.5, -1.5 / + 1.5 etc. (in football), -6.5 / + 6.5, -7.5 / + 7.5 etc. (in tennis) and similar to other sports. The idea is that when you see a handicap line of the form -x.5 / + x.5 you have to know that it is an Asian handicap without stake-back.

Asian handicap with total stake return

Unlike the previous type of handicap here we have 3 possible situations of the bet placed: won, canceled or lost. You will find this kind of Asian handicap in online betting offer as: 0 or DNB, -1 / + 1, -2 / + 2 etc. (in soccer), -6 / + 6 (in tennis), etc., so a line break with no comma, in fixed numbers, will represent a bet with a total return of stakes.

Asian handicap with partial stake return

This type of Asian handicaps basically combines the two above in one bet. Thus, there may be situations where half of the stake placed is returned. This handicap can be found in the betting offer in the form of: -1.25 / + 1.25, -1.75 / + 1.75, in football for example, or any other line that is in the form x.25 or x.75. Basically, a “Asian Handicap -1.25” bet will divide the stake into 2 bets: “Asian Handicap -1” and “Asian Handicap -1.5”.

European handicap

The principle of European handicap is the same as in the case of Asian handicap, only selections differ slightly. The idea is that at European handicap there is no total or partial stake return, regardless of the chosen line, so our bet can only be winning or losing.

There are several European handicap lines, for example soccer -1 / + 1, -2 / + 2, -3 / + 3 etc. The idea is that by applying that line of handicap to one of the teams we must correctly predict the outcome of the match: the host’s victory, the draw or the victory of the guests.

You have to be very careful in choosing the handicap and know exactly where your bet is won, canceled or lost. Asian handicap is the most common, but high-stakes gamblers sometimes turn to the European handicap, where, if you are betting on the draw after applying the handicap line, you can find very good odds.

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