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June 5, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

More and more bettors are turning their attention to Asian handicap because it is a betting option that often has valuable bets. This article will show you how to bet exactly on Asian handicap, what it means, but also what are the winning or non-winning situations of placed bets.

First, Asian handicap refers to the fact that a team / player starts the match with a handicap or a fictitious advantage provided by the proposed handicap line. If we bet on a negative handicap then that team / player must recover that difference until the end of the game, while if we bet on a positive handicap, our team / player starts from the start with an advantage.

Asian handicaps are divided into 3 categories, namely: no stakes return, total stake and partial stake return. To better exemplify and understand these types of bets, we will consider a fictitious football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

1. Asian handicap without stake back

This type of handicap is found in the offer of bookmakers in the form -X.5 / + X.5, where ‘X’ is a number that varies greatly depending on the sport we are betting. If we consider a football match, there are the following main lines:

Handicap (-0.5) is the equivalent of a simple victory. Our bet is winning if the chosen team (let’s say Barcelona -0.5) is set during the regular time.
Handicap (+0.5) is the equivalent of a double chance. If we bet Barcelona +0.5 we win if the Catalans do not lose the match, so in the case of a victory or a draw.
Handicap (-1.5) means that the team we choose to win the match at 2 or more goals difference. Barcelona -1.5 is the winner if Barca is required at least 2 goals difference, otherwise the bet is losing.
Handicap (+1.5) means that our team does not lose more than one goal difference. The bet is won in the event of a defeat at the limit, a draw or a success.

Similarly, there are handicaps of -2.5 / + 2.5, -3.5 / + 3.5, but such lines rarely bet on football matches, only to very unbalanced ones.

2. Asian handicap with total stake return

At the previous point, we saw that there are only two situations in our betting: winner or loser. In the handicap with the return of stakes there is a variant, namely that our bet is canceled. You can find the total drawbacks in the form 0, -X / + X or -X.0 / + X.0. We take the same example of a football match:

Handicap (0) (DNB equivalent – Draw No Bet) is the winner if the selected team wins the match. We receive the money back (odds 1.00) in case of a draw, while a victory of the other team makes our betting loser.
Handicap (-1) is the winner if our team is required to score at least 2 goals difference. In case of a victory at the limit, we receive the 1st share and the money back, and in other cases the bet is losing.
Handicap (+1) is the winner when the team that we bet does not lose the match. It is practically equivalent to the double chance, only in this type of bet we are assured and if the chosen team loses to exactly one goal difference, receiving the money back.

3. Asian handicap with partial stake return

This latter type of Asian handicap practically combines the two previously explained. It is found in online bookmaker’s offer in the form of -X.25 / + X.25 or -X.75 / + X.75. Basically, the Asian handicap with partial stake back-up does nothing but divide our stake into 2 bets: handicap without stake and total stake back. Suppose you place a 100 EUR bet on such a handicap at a football match:

Handicap (-0.25) – basically you played 50 EUR on handicap 0 and 50 EUR on handicap -0.5. If the chosen team is required then the bet is won. If the match ends, you get 50 EUR back, otherwise we lose all the stake.
Handicap (+0.25) – Stake is divided between Handicap 0 and Handicap +0.5. The bet is a full winner if our team wins, we get (50 + 50 * odds_handicap +0.5) in the event of a draw and you lose all the money in the event of a side victory.
Handicap (-0.75) – Bet on handicap -0.5 and Handicap -1. Our bet is a winner if the team is required to score two or more goals. If the team wins the limit, you get (50 + 50 * odds_handicap-0.5), so the bet is half-won. In the event of a draw or victory of the other team, you lose the bet.
Handicap (+0.75) – we basically place 2 bets on handicap +0.5 and handicap +1. You are winning the whole bet if our team is required or the match is over. You get 50 EUR back if the team loses to exactly the goal difference and you lose all the money if the opposing team wins at least 2 goals difference.

Similar are the situations -1.25 / + 1.25, -1.75 / + 1.75. When betting such handicap lines, think about the two bets you bet and you can not mess up.

Read carefully the explanations about Asian handicap and you will easily understand this type of bet. Be always attentive to the handicap line you choose, because you can easily be fooled by a very good odds, but only after you have placed your bet to figure out what you have really played.

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