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June 4, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, AHC, as the name implies, was initially developed and offered primarily in the Asian market before the trend came to Europe.

What are Asian Handicap bets?

This means that the bookmaker offers bets, for example, where team A against team B starts with a goal advantage in the game. Just as it was often done in childhood and gave the worse team a few goals ahead.

Example: Bayern Munich plays against the VFL Bochum
The favourite in this pairing is clearly the FC Bayern Munich. Now it can be said that this will probably win the game with some goals difference. If you say, for example, that Bayern win 2-0, then you can bet the Asian handicap bet -0.5 or even -1.5 goals. Bayern are deducted from the final goal scored 05, or just 1.5 goals and the game must be won with more than 2 goals advantage, so that the bet is still correct.

It is always about the Asian handicap that this team wins despite the handicap imposed by the bookmaker with these bets. So you can certainly get high odds with relatively small and inconspicuous handicap bets. Of course, it must be realistic in advance that a team can make up for the handicap. If this is the case, this type of bet can be used to boost odds and maximize profit. It goes of course in the other direction, that one on +0,5, +1,5, +2,5, … sets.

Betting opportunities of Asian Handicap bets

This bet type is not limited to the number of goals, but this betting opportunity reflects the largest offer. There are also bets on the number of cards, corners and the like that can be played with Asian handicap. Bookmakers have different offers.

In a way, the handicap bet is another form of over / under bet, but with the notice that it does not matter which team scores. If you play handicap bets without the 0.5 at the end, which must forcibly lead to a win or loss, it is also possible to get back the bet. If a handicap bet on Borussia Dortmund with handicap -2, for example, 2: 0 for Dortmund, is at the end of a draw to book and the bet would be refunded by the bookmaker.

Which bookmaker offer the best Asian Handicap?

Now of course the same question arises as to which bookmakers has the best offer in terms of this type of bet. The next section should shed some light on this question.

There is hardly a bookmaker in Europe that does not offer Asian Handicap bets. It should be added that some providers simply name this type of bet differently. For example, some betting providers may return money if there is a draw or withdraw money on a draw. This is basically the same, but only named differently.

Anyone looking around at bookmakers, who are generally recommended by the betting base, will find there almost only bookmakers who also offer handicap bets. Anyone who does not opt for playmates directly from Asian bookmakers, but rather trusts the often considered more reputable European bookmakers should generally stick to British bookmakers for AHC. All other bookmakers also offer these bets, but bookmakers like Bet365 or Ladbrokes offer an enormous range of handicap bets. Especially with Bet365 is for all friends of the popular over / under bet on the number of goals the recommendation but also once to look at the handicaps. It’s not uncommon to get a slightly better odds on the identical entry event in Bet365 handicap betting than in the Over / Under variant.

Recommendations for the Asian Handicap

In general, you should first familiarise yourself with this type of bet and then you can use the very large and extensive opportunities that are now many bookmakers offer, and achieve very good and attractive odds by handicaps. Please do not let the name of the bet type deter you. At the first listen you could connect it right away with the bad qualities of the Asian betting market, which does not do justice to the exciting and thoroughly recommendable bet type of Asian handicap.

Finally, once again, these two betting operators are recommended, mainly because of the very large AHC offer at Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

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