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There are many bets available in the different types of markets offered by sportsbooks today, but if something is important to understand is how different handicaps (Asian / European) work, since in the vast majority of markets offer us different bets...

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HANDICAP ± is that type of bet where the host team is given a virtual handicap before the game starts. Thus, the host team starts the match either with an advantage or with a disadvantage of a certain number of goals (specified for each...

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They are binary bets (two options) in which the favoritism of a result is adjusted giving points of advantage to the least favorite part. Many times we find matches in which one of the two teams starts with a great advantage over the other. Betting on...

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Asian handicap The Asian Handicap is a way to bet on football matches. He is originally from Asia and his purpose is to give an advantage to one of the two teams, before the event begins, to give more equality to the game. The Asian handicap does not...

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The difference between handicap and Asian handicap is a doubt that many people have when it comes to gambling. They are two similar markets but the bets are totally different. What are the most important differences between handicap and Asian...

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The Asian Handicap in the hands of professionals can be a real weapon in the "battle" against betting houses. However, the different markets and their varied numbers can seem quite confusing to the naked eye. So, for you to find everything a bit easier...

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Total Asian Goals

June 21, 2018 | In: Asian Handicap

If you bet Total Asian Goals and you do not know the exact explanation, we can help you. Example bet types: Under 0.75; 0.50 or 1 goal - Win if no goal is scored. If a goal is scored, then half of the bet will be refunded and the other half lost. If...

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Handicap bets are common in sports based on points such as football, basketball, rugby and tennis but are also frequently used in races, particularly horses. Handicap bets affect the way in which the odds are presented, and it is important to...

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