The classic or European handicap

June 15, 2016 | In: Asian Handicap

This handicap is the easiest to explain. In the classic or European handicap it removes itself a certain number of points or goals to the favorite or he is added to the weakest. This way of simple. In addition, always there will be 3 possible options (1X2) and to see the result of the bet, we will have to add up or reduce the handicap chosen to the corresponding game.

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In some sites it is in the habit of writing this way: EH-1. And in others he writes himself this way: handicap 0:1.

Example: EH-1 or handicap 0:1 in Royal(Real) Madrid – Barcelona.

If we bet for the 1, Royal(Real) Madrid must win for 2 goals or more.

If we bet for the X, Royal(Real) Madrid must win for 1 goal.

If we bet for 2, Royal(Real) Madrid must tie or lose the game.

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