What is a handicap and how it is earned in the bets by them

May 31, 2012 | In: Articles

A handicap is a disadvantage or unfavorable circumstance. This way it defines it SCRAPES her, and is what we all understand when we say that someone faces one. The bets hándicap in the bottomare it itself but applied to football, tennis or other sports competitions. That is to say, it means that it tries of imposing a disadvantage on the team or favorite player, to level the probabilities of the results. This has special interest when the difference between rivals is very marked.

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Bets of the Bundesliga with hándicap Bayern-PaderbornEn some sports this word is very habitual and well-known between the fans. In golf, the term uses to designate the difference or disadvantage that a player takes on the couple or reference of blows of a hole or concrete field. In equine, or turf, it is translated in ballasts on the horses or jockeys more light. In football and other sports, since this type of disadvantages would mean to spoil the competition and would alter artificially the classification, the hándicaps are simulated at the moment of betting. Goals or points are added and take from one of the teams, normally from the favorite, in a virtual way. game is played normally, and once finished, the result is calculated after evaluating this effect.

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