Goal.com special: How to take on Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho & beat him

March 29, 2011 | In: Articles

Monday, March 28. Just another morning, and we prepare to leave our home address for the Ciudad Deportiva of Real Madrid. But this time instead of putting the recorder, notebook and computer in the backpack, we pick up a pair of shorts, shirt and football boots. Not a morning like any other. A practice match has been organised between Real Madrid’s coaching staff and journalists who regularly cover the Bernabeu side. And we are in the squad.

They say we will have to deal with Mourinho again, he does not want to lose. But this is not in the press room, where he moves so well, but on a football field. And he will be accompanied by the ‘Kaiser’ Aitor Karanka, the ‘Tank’ Silvino Louro, and the stylish Javi Tamames, among many others. Therefore we know it won’t be easy as we get ready for some fun with the ‘Special One’.

We reach the locker room where we can change to wear Real Madrid uniform, not what we are used to.

After changing we get to the battle, jump onto the field. Not any field, of course, but natural grass. And with ingredients of those that make it unique. Next to us, the team of journalists. Opposite, the coaching team. On the right, six or seven television cameras in the stands. On the left, Higuain and Adan taking note. And amid all this, Megia Davila willing to bring order and justice to the game.

We have a young and apparently slender team, to which Mourinho says: “Next time we will call Zidane, Butragueno and Pardeza.” However, it takes little to realise it was a speech to charm snakes and, in addition to fun, the game will now be played. “How difficult must it be to cover Drogba after having to defend Silvino Louro?” “How would we deal when subjected to Di Maria if we cannot mark Rui Faria,” are some of the ideas that come to mind as the ball starts rolling.

Above all, we begin to understand the stage fright within us: Mourinho is the goalkeeper and it seems that nobody is able to score a goal.

Steal the ball, through ball, Mourinho on the floor, but we fail to beat him. Down the flank, a player comes just inside the area, but fails to control the ball. Another move, another good save from Mourinho, who is doing well.

Soon, they are ahead on the scoreboard thanks to Jose Morais. At that time, all journalists are thinking about the mythical tie between Barcelona and Inter. How can they win it all? Is it true then that everything he touches turns into a winner?

But despair is only temporary. The profession is hard enough to have made us strong, and in our mind there is only one idea: to end Mourinho’s unbeaten record at home. Nine years is too long already.

In the second half we start much better, and soon, we force a penalty that Mourinho himself acknowledges is within the area. Then the reality stares at us… Mourinho himself is the one between the sticks and the psychological warfare starts. “Which side are you going to pick? Why there? Are you sure?” Bang, the ball is buried into the opposite corner, and this Real Madrid are not looking unbeatable.

Shortly after the penalty we score the second goal. This is the time when, perhaps aware that our strikers have beaten stage fright, Mourinho tries to rearrange his defence. However we score again and Mourinho throws in the towel. He has had enough and he goes back to the dressing room.

Rui Faria scores, but we hold on to win 3-2 as Mourinho’s unbeaten home record is broken, but what we learn is that this Mourinho is not the one we are used to seeing in the press conferences. The same for his staff. At least we got what we wanted when we left home – some fun.

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