Miss World Betting – Can Ecuador steal Norway’s limelight?

October 28, 2010 | In: Articles

Gone, it appears, are the days when all contestants in the Miss World pageant just wanted world peace and their five minutes of fame in the company of a dinner-jacketed Michael Aspel. It’s hard to comprehend that the contest was once one of the must-see televison events of the year but, there again, there wasn’t an awful lot of competition in the black and white days. I can’t believe there are some who still fondly remember the pre-satellite years in which the most exciting thing on TV was waiting to see if Val Doonican fell off his rocking chair. Let’s be honest, it was dull with a capital D so I can’t really get my head around why organisers haven’t buried this particular fossil in the same deep hole in which they’ve put the Cold War’s redundant nuclear stockpile. But here we are again, with 115 of the planet’s supposedly most beautiful women preparing to parade their attributes in front of the cameras at the resort of Sanya on Hainan Island in the People’s Republic of China. To be fair, most contestants nowadays tend to be a little less shallow than the stereotypes of years gone by whose main ambition was to date George Best or own a boutique – but there are still a few who can’t help themselves in their quest for the compassionate vote. Miss Czech Republic, for example, wants to become a fashion designer so she can make clothes for underpriveleged families, while Miss Sierra Leone apparantly spends all of her time working in a children’s care centre and Miss Brazil, the early favourite but now a 16/1 chance with Betfred, wants to save the Amazon rainforest. We’ve got to be realistic here, however. Whatever the contestants say they enjoy doing has very little impact on the actual judging. This competition is almost all about looks which is why all the money has been for Miss Norway. Mariann Birkedal, a 23-year-old student, is no bigger than 6/4 with Betfred and Skybet to be crowned Miss World in China this weekend ahead of general 7/1 chance Miss USA. You might have guessed I’m not a great fan of these events and won’t be risking any of my own cash but if you simply must have a bet you could probably do worse than a little each-way on the stunningly attractive Miss Ecuador at a general 40/1 with most layers prepared to honour place odds on the first five.

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